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Karen – on Intuitive Counseling

It is actually quite difficult for me to express in words and terms how important Laurie is to me and how significantly she has aided me on my path of personal growth.  Words do not and cannot do the sentiment any justice, although I will try to reflect the emotion accurately.

I have been a client of Laurie’s for over ten years and throughout that time period our relationship has evolved from a casual connection to a much more profound relationship.  I started seeking advice from Laurie in terms of intuitive readings on, mostly, love relationships and life’s trivialities.  Throughout the course of our knowing one another, my life progressed on a slow path to growth.  The greatest change came during the recent last four years of my life when, unbeknownst to me, my life was evolving and demanding long standing issues be identified and dealt with. Throughout this period, Laurie proved instrumental to my development and self-awareness, guiding me through all the ups and downs.  She showed patience, compassion, insight and accuracy time and time again.  I am no longer surprised when she ends up being “right”; it’s almost comical to me how correct she is.

Throughout this decade,  I came to trust her, rely on her, respect her gift and listen to her; her wisdom and her advice, above all else.  I started making connections in my life, identifying issues and their source and dealing with them head on thus altering the course of my future.  None of this could possibly have come about if I had done it alone, or with friends and family or even with countless therapy sessions (which I did quite regularly).  In short, none of this could have come about without Laurie’s guidance and intuition.

I am truly blessed to know her and love her.  I am truly blessed to count on her and have her as a definitive part of my life.  What started off as a simple client/business connection solidified into something much more profound and important.  I consider Laurie a friend above all else and I am eternally grateful for the positivity and growth she has allowed me to tap into where my life is concerned. Karen P, Toronto ON

Richard – on Tom Campbell’s interview

I’ve read Thomas Campbell’s books, interacted on his forum, emailed him personally, seen his videos, and heard nearly every interview he’s yet done. Today I found your interviews of Tom. They are, by a good measure, the most productive interviews I’ve heard him do. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him so relaxed. Since both of the interviews are of the same quality, I must say that a large part of the quality is due to your interview style, your knowledge and intelligence.

I’ve still learned some things from these interviews, even though I’ve been thinking about Tom’s books and that body of knowledge for about 3 years now. So, I want to thank you very much for your work. You are most appreciated.

Albert Clayton Gaulden – on his interview

I cannot thank you enough for having me on Intuitive Soul Radio. I was amazed that you had not only read the book (most radio and television hosts never do) but also your questions were so brilliant. I told the office about you and how incredibly revealing the hour with you was. You are to be commended for who you are and how much you impact those of us who need to continue to search and rescue our true authentic souls. God is going to continue to bless you because you are someone who is committed herself to what is real and true.

I would love to do your show again. You just never know who is listening and who is being helped by our conversations about how to uncover and discover and discard (or keep) what we find.

I wish you all the best to you in all that you do.

Jeanne P, Burlington – on Clearing work

Amy, Burlington, ON – Intuitive Soul Radio

I really liked the interviews that I watched and your centred energy had a calming effect on not only me while I watched but I feel helped your guest/s relax also.

T. Hypnotherapist ,Toronto – Radio Interview

Laurie is a wonderful soul, I had a great time during our interview together, it was a magical experience, i felt at home so i was at ease and confortable the entire session, she is doing a great service by spreading the word of those who want to make a difference in the lives of others.

Andrew, Toronto, ON

Good reading, no fluff, thanks alot

Chris Simi Valley, CA, US

Laurie, you are absolutely amazing. You nailed facts and provided me with great hope and such a feeling of peace – I cannot tell you what you have done for me. I have told my best friends about you with such enthusiasm! You are not only genuine, you are positive and provide the guidance I have been seeking for so many years. I thank the universe for leading me to you and thank you for sharing your incredible gift. You are a blessing, and I am fortunate to now know that I have someone to turn to whenever I “need to know.”
Chris Simi Valley, CA

ML Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Laurie, you have given me such clarity today as if uncovering the veil off my, so important, future. All with so much sincerity and caring intention. I am overwhelmed with the abundance of positive information that came to me, I would like to bow in front of you to show my gratitude. I am so grateful to you and all who helped you, I can barely express my feelings in words now without having tears come to my eyes.
ML Toronto, Ontario.

IS Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Laurie is simply amazingly accurate. Not only did she say that I would meet my soul mate on a vacation, but she was also correct with the timing. It all happened just as she said to my complete astonishment. Her readings are truthful and up-lifting. I will recommend her to all of my friends. Thank you Laurie for helping me achieve my wish!
IS Toronto, Ontario.


Laurie has a way of just knowing when you need her loving smile, magical laugh, and guiding hand. Her gentle nonjudgmental encouragement leaves one feeling very secure, loved and full of light. Thank you Laurie as always in all ways. Namaste’

DK Toronto, Ontario, Canada

You are my eyes and ears when I’m not clear…you always make me feel better… thank-you for being my counselor in 2002.
DK Toronto, Ontario.

Keri Toronto, Ontario, Canada

You were amazingly accurate, my friend did meet her soul mate within 7 days, just like you told her, even though you were as surprised with the timing as she was….
Keri Toronto, Ontario.

DM Welland, Ontario, Canada

I was impressed by her counseling capabilities and gentleness and came back with my friends…
DM Welland, Ontario.

Marie Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I refer all my friends… She is a great Intuitive.
Marie Toronto, ON
DM Welland, Ontario.

SB Edinburgh, Scotland

I miss my home, family and friends, but Laurie gave me great advice and I’m beginning to fit in and make new friends…
SB Edinburgh, Scotland.

Meagan Perth, Australia

I had been traveling with my friends and needed advice on my next adventure… Laurie made me realize that I knew what I had to do… she empowered me to take my next step… even when it meant leaving others behind.
Meagan Perth, Australia.

ND Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

I like to get Laurie’s guidance and confirmation on my life choices…
Meagan Perth, Australia.