Tara Taylor 17/04/08

Tara Taylor is the founder of Whitelight Wellness. Located in Ottawa, it is a holistic practice specializing in energy healing therapies and spiritual counseling. Tara is known for her intuitive abilities and has helped client’s world wide to redirect them back on their soul’s mission.

Tara is an Intuitive Counselor and has studied extensively in this field . She is an Angel Therapy ® Practitioner certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue PhD, an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master/Instructor certified by Stevan Thayer, and A Reiki Master trained by the teachings of the William Lee Rand. She attended St. Pauls University for four years studying World Religions and Pastoral Counseling. She has helped many people through her workshops, seminars and public speaking on the difference between the higher self and the ego. She has also taught many on the Law of Attraction and has built her life and Career on this belief.

Tara says “With the help of my Divine Team, I am grateful to help others overcome the human struggle and guide them to live fully their life’s mission. I believe that we all have the ability to connect with the divine; we just need alittle help along the way. I have been making the suggestion to my guides and angels that it would be much easier if we all came in with a life survival manual (they just laugh). With every fiber of my being, I have been shown and believe that we all have a life purpose and it is with great honour to help and serve others. I am humbled and grateful for being a part of your soul’s mission.”