Finding Peace

As I sit writing this we are coming up to the Beginning of the Holiday Season – it was right before the American Thanksgiving which leads to our Christmas Season. Every culture has Holidays during the end of the Year where we can feel Blessed and Grateful. The Spirit of Giving to others is part of the Magic that surrounds us each year at this time. We have movies that make us cry and laugh and fill us with Hope. We visit our families, friends and loved ones – some of these visits are challenging while others are exactly what our Soul needs. When I get into the Holiday Spirit each year I connect with this Magical Essence that reminds me why I work so hard to Grow Up and Find my Peace. Emmanuel Dagher during our last Club Miracles session discussed Good Fortune and how we just need to feel worthy of our Blessings and to be in the Flow of Life to experience Good Fortune. However, what I resonated with the most and of course what has been ‘showing up’ is that during this time one of our challenges with BEing in the Flow (BEing in the Present moment) is our ability to Love and Accept ourselves for who we are; to find Peace in where we are at the moment. Continue reading