Fear and Health

As we move towards our Canadian Thanksgiving I contemplate all that I am thankful for: a sustaining and incredibly fulfilling career that I love; a home that is nurturing and holds many wonderful memories; great friends and family; and my beautiful and crazy Angel – my fur baby. I feel overwhelmingly Blessed!! The one area that still eludes me though is my health and well-being.

I have made such great strides over the last few years, especially this past year. Thanks – partially to my Carrot App (which is now discontinued thanks mostly to our Ontario elected Premier) that rewarded me with points towards movies and entertainment – I walked over 100 straight days of walking heading into this New Year. And then I continued my walking again in February – after I ended my streak on my trip to Europe – and have been going straight through – now at 230 days beginning in October. That is over 7.5 months and I’m still increasing my daily steps and feeling much more at ease and have much more energy. The beginning of the year I received a statement that I am walking more than 80% of Canadians? Which honestly shocked me since I definitely still feel like I need to do more to feel better. However I am grateful that my health is improving with each step. Continue reading