NFTH talks with Tom Campbell on Perceptions 2021

Laurie Huston from News the Heart is talking with physicist Tom Campbell on New Year Intentions 2021 – Perceptions. This year is about remaining Positive and reviewing your Intentions to see if they are coming from a place of LOVE or Fear. What this all comes down to is Perceptions. We perceive the world from… Continue reading NFTH talks with Tom Campbell on Perceptions 2021

Shifting Victim Consciousness

I had an amazing interview with my favorite nuclear physicist Tom Campbell at the beginning of the month that we labeled “Tough Love”. This show had some very controversial points made that listeners responded to. The show really discussed how to ‘Let Go’ but most of the responses were to comments made around Victim Consciousness… Continue reading Shifting Victim Consciousness

From Me to Unconditional Love and Acceptance

This past month I have been very aware and focused on something that I have been discussing with Tom Campbell (and others) and writing about for the past couple of years: How to come from a place of unconditional love and acceptance. We often are too focused on how others affect us or when something… Continue reading From Me to Unconditional Love and Acceptance

May Newsletter 2015: What’s Your Perception?

Happy May! I’m excited to have Nancy Arruda from UniversalSky writing our astrology for the month (we will have a live Hangouts on May 6th @ 1pm EST)! You can find that below. I’m excited that Eric Altman’s Support Group is really gaining momentum and we have created some great shows together. If you are… Continue reading May Newsletter 2015: What’s Your Perception?

What are your Perceptions?

This month, I have been reviewing my perceptions and the perceptions of those around me. By perceptions I mean our thoughts about what others or ourselves are believing about what is happening in the world around us. I have noticed that I have been slipping into perceiving incorrectly and I have been bringing it up… Continue reading What are your Perceptions?