2020 – Year of Ascension & Spiritual Growth

For many years now people have been saying that 2020 will be essential to our next stage of Spiritual Growth and Ascension and calling it the Age of Aquarius – which feels like it has been happening since the mid 80’s. What are your expectations for this new decade? I know astrologically we are going to experience some challenging events like in 2018 with both Mars (Sept to Nov) and Venus (May and June) going retrograde. However, beyond these astrological events it seems the greater events of interest is because of the transits at the end of the year and that is why there are wide expectations of this being an important Year for Spiritual Growth and Ascension. Saturn enters Aquarius Dec 17th (briefly entering earlier in May and June before retrograding back into Capricorn); Jupiter enters Aquarius Dec 19th and there is a Great Conjunction – where Saturn conjuncts Jupiter in Aquarius Dec 21st – which occurs every 20 years but the last time when it was in Aquarius was 1405 and will be again in 2080. The event has suggested celestial significance and belief that the Star of Bethlehem was actually a Great Conjunction. Continue reading