Jan Newsletter 2017: Resolutions and Sabotage

Happy New Year!


I want to wish everyone a Magical New Year 2017!

Well many of us will be happy that 2016 is behind us and a New 1 year cycle begins on Jan 1st 2017 (1-1-1)! For many, including myself these past 9 years have been a HUGE growing period, although, this past year seemed to have many blessings, I became a published author with a chapter in Realities of Creation, I appeared in a documentary with an interview of Tom Campbell that I did back in 2009, the documentary was The Path 3 Evolution and I found my beautiful Angel (photo below); I also had challenges with loss and transformations. So, I for one am very happy to start this New Year and New cycle. In a message for a new teleclass, this year is about “Possibilities” which we can be open to as long as we are in the NOW moment.

Please remember we are still in Mercury Retrograde so as we make plans for New Years Eve and beyond till Jan 9th, to make sure you double check anything electronic like reservations or emails as this trickster planet loves to play. Also, due to Neptune on New Years Eve please don’t drink and drive!

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What’s Up in the Universal Sky this month: January 2017

We start a New Year filled with new beginnings!  Yes, this is a one year which is filled with potentials and possibilities!  The key to remember is that we are all focusing on the principle of will and focused consciousness.  This is the year to align your thoughts and your mind with precision like focus on what you desire to start in your life.  2016 brought us many endings, closures and completions, some of which had major karmic implications.  Whenever we deal with Karmic completion, it is never easy on the ego.  However, hopefully everyone learned their lessons, that way we can totality embrace the newness that 2017 brings us.

The key astrological vibrations for this year are Mercury, Jupiter, and the Sun.  All of those planets bring forth the ONE vibration.  Speaking of Mercury, we start the year while in a Mercury Retrograde.  Mercury stationed retrograde on December 19th at 15 degrees of Capricorn and will station direct on January 8th at 28 Degrees of Sagittarius.  So we start the year with RE-structuring the mind and our thought process.  I see this as a good thing as we all need to clear away the karmic completion energy of 2016.  There are deep mental transformations taking place with this particular mercury retrograde, so embrace any releasing that you are doing until it stations direct.

In a year when Mercury has power, most of the retrograde cycles start in earth signs and retrograde back into fire signs.  This is a year to focus on realigning the body and spirit!  Communication is important this year, so get clear in your thoughts!  Unity is a major theme and with Mercury, we are focusing on the Unity of Self!

Jupiter represents growth, abundance, and spiritual learning.  Jupiter’s journey in 2017 focuses on the Unity in Diversity as the individual interacts in society.  Jupiter will remain in the sign of Libra (relationships and balance) until it shifts into Scorpio (transformation) on Oct 10, 2017.  More on the influence of Jupiter later in the year!  So stay tuned!!

The Sun shifts signs every month and when it does, it shifts how our ego and spirit interact in the different situations within life at any given moment.  The Sun inspires the Unity of Spirit and our vital life force energy.  We are looking to align with our heart chakra this year.  To find the passion that resides within our heart (love) and create something magical (forgiveness).  The eclipses in 2017 are shifting from the Virgo / Pisces polarity of 2016 into the Leo / Aquarius Polarity.  Again emphasising the need to operate with heart centered consciousness in your interactions and goals for 2017.  (Eclipses are taking place in the Month of February and August in 2017).

This January, embrace what your spirit is asking you to do.  Align your will and consciousness and focus on the desired outcomes that reside within your heart.  Feel the passion of this new energy surge through you, but don’t forget to ACT and do what is necessary!  I wish everyone a prosperous, abundant, joyous, healthy and aligned 2017!

Nancy Arruda is a psychic-intuitive who uses the tools of Astrology and Tarot to gain understanding into the spiritual realms.  She believes in focusing on doing what you love to do.  Living life through your heart center and allowing your inner light to shine!  Visit her at www.universalsky.com

Inspiration: Resolutions and Sabotage

I have to say the last month of this year made up for the challenges throughout 2016. Receiving my sweet little kitten, Angel, on Dec 7th was definitely part of the Christmas Magic I so often talk about! However I’m amazed that the year is ending and a New Year, a new 9 year cycle is beginning. On Jan 1st 2017 (1-1-1) we begin a whole new cycle and I invite you to contemplate what the next 9 years hold for you, not just 2017. I, for one, can say that over these past 9 years I have grown more towards love than ever before. That certainly doesn’t mean it has been easy, no, not by any stretch of the imagination. This past 9 year cycle has seen change, death and transformation. In fact, I have been able to completely anchor my business and my services with a whole new energy – even when the price seemed quite high at the time.

I invite you to consider what you have learned over the past year and the last 9 year cycle. As you contemplate your New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 – and the next 9 years – I encourage you to ponder not what you want outside of you but rather how you would like to BE inside! It is my belief that it is the outside desires that are often sabotaged; like losing weight, stopping smoking, getting fit, and getting organized. These are all things that we “do” and when we check out the stats, apparently only 8% of our ‘doings’ are actually successful! Why? Because we sabotage ourselves and aren’t coming from an authentic place of “BEing”.

‘Doing’ results in falling back onto old patterns – especially if we haven’t changed any of our beliefs, fears or expectations – because we are trying to control, manipulate, change or fix ourselves from this ‘doing’ state. Emmanuel Dagher offered this beautiful meditation from his free gifts of the Holidays on ‘Sabotaging’. He, as always, brought up some profound thoughts and healings on why we sabotage ourselves and he helped us to want to BE seen, heard, and recognized by the Universe as Honoring the Universe within us. We are so afraid of BEing seen, heard, and recognized that this leads us to needing outside approval. And ultimately we also have trouble receiving all that the Universe offers us. So no wonder we have such low success rates in trying to ‘do’ things related to our past patterns.

When we come from a place of Being we are first connecting with the Infinite and Authentic Self within us. We are acknowledging our True Self. However, Tom Campbell also suggests that when we come from a place of BEing we are authentically revealing the fears that we often keep hidden. This would be where our little self lives and it is just as important to accept who we are from this “little” place. It is in this state of “littleness”, caused by the fears previously hidden, that we have the capacity to make changes to our Inner Being by BEing present and conscious of all the fears that keep our patterns and stories intact. In fact, I would suggest that this is how we sabotage ourselves the most.

Each of these ‘fear’ elements of our existence offer opportunities to shift into authenticity and levels of BEing. We each come from a place of expansion and a profound connection to our Infinite Self. This connection allows us to come from a feeling place of Love and of the Remembrance that we are already ‘Whole’. Such a connection opens us to the absolute and everlasting essence of who we are: the expansive and immeasurable Universe/Spirit/Soul within us. And it creates a feeling of oneness and unconditional Love that allow us to create Magic from this place of NOW. We can see, hear, and acknowledge our Self from a place of Wholeness and Beauty. In this state everything is Perfection. And our True Self aligns with Source.

The authentic circumstances that come from the smaller self are also just as important. These circumstances allow us see how we feel separate from Source and our Inner Self. This seeing and feeling is part of the way in which we can truly uncover our deepest fears; fears that dictate how we react automatically to our circumstances – circumstances in which we can see and understand that we don’t feel ‘Whole’ – and in such circumstances we create addictions to distract us from feeling and these distractions lead us to searching outside ourselves for things to “DO” to change, fix or heal ourselves. In other words, we feel broken or ‘not enough as we are’. And it is here that we sabotage ourselves.

When we can authentically acknowledge these deeper fears then we can come into a place of acceptance rather than create ways to change, fix or heal from a place outside ourselves. Once we can actually accept that these are the fears we carry with us, consciously or unconsciously, then we can credibly dive in and see these fears and how they are just part of a story we hold within us; a story we have made up instead of truth. We can move into a place of ‘now’ and detach from the inaccuracies we hold onto as truths.

I welcome you to come up with whichever authentic place that will create the most positive change for you. I see benefits from both the little place of limiting fear or the more expansive place of Wholeness but when I imagine 2017 – and the next 9 year cycle – I prefer to come from a place of infinite possibilities. I wish to feel my Wholeness and Inner Self that is expansive and Magical. My resolutions will include letting go of certain fears that I am ready to let go of but ultimately my intentions will be focused on how I want to ‘feel’ this next year: a space of unconditional Love and Acceptance; one that exudes Peace and JOY! What will you set your New Year’s intentions as?

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Happy New Year 2017!

With Love and an Open Heart, Laurie & Angel

January 2014 Newsletter ~ New Years Intentions

What are your Intentions for 2014?

This New Year begins with a New Moon (6:14 am EST). We will have 2 super new moons, January 1st and 30th, that could impact our weather (as if we haven’t had our share of strange weather phenomenon already this holiday season). This also means 2 blue new moons this year (I’ve never heard of this happening before) as Feb won’t have a new moon, but March will have 2.

Now, having a new moon on New Year’s Day is powerful! New moons are when we create new beginnings. So this New Year starts with an auspicious new moon, and it’s important to take advantage of this energy to begin our year. Rituals have an important role to play in honoring ourselves and all that we love, as well as, assisting us to focus our intentions (although, you all know I am not big on certain things, like creating things outside ourselves). My focus this year, may not surprise you, as I am continuing my attention on my Heart’s desire.

Have you thought about where you are going to place your attention for this coming year?NewYears

This new moon provides us with an excellent opportunity to review your fears and what you want to let go of. I begin this process by making a list of all the fears that i’m ready to release this year. Then I make a list of what my Heart desires most -love, grace, joy, freedom, gratitude-, and all the other emotions that I desire to embrace this New Year! For my ritual, I like to bring in all the elements, earth, air, water and fire, for my altar. I can either set up an altar at home that embodies who I aspire to become, (which includes a photo of myself or someone I admire that embodies all I want to become and include a list of their attributes that I admire), or I head down to the lake where all the elements are already present (once I add fire).

Other things I add to my altar at home Includes; a bowl of water, where I would add a flower; candles or small contained fire; crystals from the earth and my favourite scented oil (use a diffuser or just add to the water). I include the lists I made earlier of what I am ready to release and of what I want to embody. I typically burn the list I am ready to release as a part of my ritual and I honour the list I want to embody, by writing it out on special paper, then I put it under my pillow or display it on my altar until the next new moon or full moon (but I like 30 days, and then I will burn it). The most important part of ritual is Opening our Hearts and allowing the magic to unfold!

What you need to know:

There have been a lot of changes in 2013, the year of Transcending; especially the latter part of the year. On Dec 20th, I discovered that CBS is changing the format of Sky Radio to an all music station January 1st. Also, my relationships have all changed around my Canadian Thanksgiving this year, both new and old. Through all of this, I set my intentions to keep all doors open instead of closing them. The significance of this time is amplified by Venus going retrograde December 21st (our Solstice) to January 31st. This means we will all be revisiting all of our relationships for personal and spiritual evolution and growth. Once Venus goes direct, Mercury will be going retrograde on February 6th – 28th, so remember to be careful around all communications. Then, as if we hadn’t had enough, Mars goes retrograde March 1st – May 19th, Saturn will also go retrograde on Mar 2nd – July 20th and Jupiter goes direct on Mar 6th (outer planets like Saturn and Jupiter, don’t affect us as much as the inner planets like Mercury, Mars and Venus).

So what does this mean for us? Venus, as discussed above, impacts our relationships but also money. Venus has a greater impact on women than on men. Women can feel depressed around this time. However, if we stay open, within our hearts and our minds, we can create opportunities for ourselves. Astrologers advise us that it is best not to begin a new relationship when Venus is retrograde, however if we do, it will mean that it will teach us something important about ourselves and our relationship to others. Mercury retrograde, as we all know, plays the trickster in all of our communications. If you need to replace, buy or trade in your electronic devices, do it before February 6th! As for Mars, it is the action planet. It can impact men more than women, but it is the ruler of all actions, drives and desires! It’s in the planet Libra, which is the relationship planet (it loves to find balance in everything), so we may be reviewing all actions within our relationships. It is probably safe to say, relationships are going to be going through some interesting shifts and will play an even bigger role in our personal and spiritual growth in 2014! Relationships are how we evolve the most in our lives, whether they are romantic or not. I have a really good feeling about 2014 and I feel we will create the relationships we truly desire, through attention, review and balance!

So, focus your attention or intention on what you choose for your life. Choose Joy, Freedom, Passion, Abundance, Love, Success, and a life filled with a Higher Purpose. Choose this for you and intend it for everyone. Fill yourself with Gratitude for everything happening in your life; the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s all leading you to discover your next highest vision of the most joyful you! May your Dreams be realized in 2014 and may you have the Awareness to nurture this highest vision within!

Intuitive Soul Radio: Stay tuned, I hope to have more information as to my new endeavors before the end of January. I’m excited about new possibilities!

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With Love and an Open Heart,