Spring – New Beginnings

When we think of Spring – we think of New Beginnings. Why? What is it about this time of the year – a time more important than New Year’s and typically more important than the memory of beginning the new school year – that makes us consider New Beginnings? Groundhog day – which is something I am always fond of as I grew up close to our renowned albino groundhog Wiarton Willie – makes me excited to hear his predictions and this year many people saw an early Spring. Is this part of our pondering? When the snow makes way for new growth? Obviously there are many parts of the world where seasons aren’t as distinct as they are here in Canada. Do those who live in less seasonally-diverse climates also get excited about Spring? What about astrologers? What do they ‘see’? The Spring Equinox correlates to the beginning of the astrological year when we begin again with Aries. Many astrologers believe this is the true beginning of the New Year. Is this why we get excited? Continue reading