Apr Newsletter 2019 – Motivation

Wow – March certainly went out like a Lion. I’m hoping that this April will be nicer than last year. It is always this time of the year when we BEcome Motivated to BEgin new projects and clear away the old to make way for new Possibilities. Now that Mercury is direct again (as of… Continue reading Apr Newsletter 2019 – Motivation


  This has been an interesting month – many people are finding 2019 challenging so far. I have been excited and looking forward to spring and as I write this today we are just entering spring equinox. When considering the Canadian seasons winter, although often beautiful, is just too dark and cold most of the… Continue reading Motivation

April Newsletter 2015: What’s Your Motivation?

Happy Easter! I know it is going to get warmer, but it is hard to see that when right now it is well below the normal high and there were even snow flakes in the air today! This month we continue our monthly Support Group I’m hosting with Eric Altman, it will include weekly calls with Eric and… Continue reading April Newsletter 2015: What’s Your Motivation?

What’s Your Motivation?

This past month I did a great interview with Eric Altman on motivation (https://www.intuitivesoul.com/news-for-the-heart-talks-with-eric-altman-on-motivation). To me this is an important piece to look at if we want to understand why we sabotage our own happiness. As you know, my personal journey has been focused on my health for the past couple of years, with the… Continue reading What’s Your Motivation?

News for the Heart talks with Eric Altman on Motivation

Laurie Huston from News for the Heart is talking with Eric Altman about the importance of Motivation, awareness, why we get sick or feel pain, and offers a protocol for grounding and healing. We discuss how we often have an unconscious belief that we don’t want to be here, and it often plays a role… Continue reading News for the Heart talks with Eric Altman on Motivation