Jul-Aug Newsletter 2019 ~ In Fear We Trust

Happy Summer at last!! Yes we have had some hot & humid weather already – today is Beautiful. The lake is perfect and we should all take some time this summer to EnJOY ourselves. July is a tricky month with Mercury Retrograde and two eclipses. Full moon eclipse is tomorrow July 16th. Just take some… Continue reading Jul-Aug Newsletter 2019 ~ In Fear We Trust

In Fear We Trust

After my retreat with Tom Campbell this past January I wrote that I was inspired to write a book and this is the beginning of that book. The working title, In Fear We Trust, came to me because even though we like to deny it our fears are what we put our trust in. When… Continue reading In Fear We Trust

Shame on… Me?

I’ve been contemplating many things over the past few years – when my health began to take a turn with chronic pain when I had two Frozen Shoulders several years ago. I began to take notice of my emotions and fears. Dealing with chronic pain was new to me and I wasn’t sure how to… Continue reading Shame on… Me?

May Newsletter 2019-Past Lives

What a crazy Spring we have been having!? We had snow and freezing rain on April 29th here. However, for the most part Spring is here and likely the short spring will turn into summer before we reach Solstice next month. Unfortunately, that still leaves allergy season regardless – and the only thing I have… Continue reading May Newsletter 2019-Past Lives

Past Lives

Recently I have been thinking a lot about past lives: why are they fleeting memories; why we chose to forget them; is there anything significant to learn by them; or are they just a distraction? The question is: I wonder if our past lives assist us to Grow Up towards Love or distract us from… Continue reading Past Lives

Expectations and Attachments

We have all heard that we have Infinite Possibilities available to us as long as we can let go of expectations and are unattached to the outcome. Have you ever created a perfect moment? Have you ever connected to your Bliss where the Universe can’t help but reward you with feeling Love and Joy? We… Continue reading Expectations and Attachments

Letting GO – Is it a Choice?

‘Letting Go’ is a concept I have worked with and discussed in my blogs for many years. Sometimes I feel that I understand it from just a mental notion and other times I feel that I understand it from a BEing level. However, offering a way for others to work with ‘letting go’ is not… Continue reading Letting GO – Is it a Choice?

Understanding Our Choices

Understanding our choices is the topic I want to explore this month. This month has been filled with choices: some I found were sabotaging and others empowering. I filled my days during this Venus retrograde with new choices and becoming conscious of my sabotaging efforts as a result of those choices. I have been preparing… Continue reading Understanding Our Choices

Healing through Dreams & Synchronicities

Seems like an odd direction for my thought process this month … however as I was preparing for a 21 day healing event with Emmanuel Dagher and Ziad Hashash – where I had to come up with the direction for this healing opportunity – I uncovered a series of what could be seen as unrelated… Continue reading Healing through Dreams & Synchronicities

News for the Heart talks with Tom Campbell on Live Like Love

Laurie Huston from News the Heart is talking with physicist Tom Campbell on Love Month, Live Like Love. This is a deep conversation about the choices we make around Love in our lives. Our biggest problem is around trying to fix, change, teach or heal others. When we come from this place we are in… Continue reading News for the Heart talks with Tom Campbell on Live Like Love