Corona Fear

I’ve been consciously observing for a great deal of time. At Intuitive Soul I like to inspire Hope, Love, Spiritual Growth and Consciousness in my listeners and clients. From a place of observance and presence I know that we have a new bully on the planet. And when it comes to consciousness we have choices and responsibility on what to do about bullies. We can blame this on the generally-considered source of the problem or on the bully who seemed to be unwilling to take action until the virus was spread for weeks … or we can remember that everything happens for a reason. We aren’t victims. We have a choice! But right now we are choosing fear and that only adds to more fear, manipulation and control – great tools in the hands of bullies whether the bullies are seemingly natural elements in nature or the seemingly unnatural non-loving people.

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News for the Heart talks with Lori Wilson on Love

Laurie Huston from News the Heart is talking with Lori Wilson on Love. We discussed the three different kinds of Love as channeled by Grandmother; Soul Mates, Twin Flames and Hard Soul Helpers. She has offered to Gift us with her 2 hour long channeling if you go to her website InnerAccess101 and put in the code LH4U anyone listening to this show will be able to listen for free. We also had a channeling from Grandmother on Love and how we are doing as a planet. FYI we are doing better and are have passed the point where we are more Love than Fear. Lori’s site has many free meditations and offerings such as a daily focus and monthly focus as well. Inner Access 101 offers over 50 On-Line, Intuition-Based classes and to date have taught over 10,000 students how to “demystify intuition” and to “trust themselves first”. Join us for this fascinating discussion! We’re Getting to the Heart of what Matters!

Enjoy hearing more from Lori Wilson at Inner Access 101 with the Intuition-Based Classes.  Listen to the gifted 2-hour Webinar that goes into more detail about the love concepts we talked about on the show. Here is the link to Twin Flames, Soul Mates and Hard Soul Helpers. Just enter your coupon code: LH2U on the first page of the check out and you can enjoy it as Lori’s gift.

You may also enjoy hearing more from her Spirit Guide — Grandmother with the Daily Focus, a free message that talks about how to maximize the energetic climate of each and every day.

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Holidays and Gratitude!

id-100305064As we come into the Holiday Season, which is always a Magical time for me, I want to offer a way for us all to BE Grateful for all that we have.

October was a very challenging month for me and November allowed me to uncover new ways and new perspectives to come into alignment with my Health and Well-Being. I am feeling better than I have in years and my energy and health have improved significantly. What changed? Well despite two mega doses of antibiotics and some natural health supplements to super charge my immune system perhaps what changed is that we are in the end of the nine year cycle (As previously discussed, 2016 is a 9 year in numerology and after Sept 9th [9-9-9] to Jan 1st, 2017 [1-1-1] when we begin a new cycle we will be releasing a lot of ‘things’ that are no longer necessary in our lives; from people to beliefs.) and I believe that cycle is what has been holding me in a certain pattern that is finally ready to be released. And in this ‘feeling good’ phase of my life I now feel like I have outgrown the limiting aspect of this cycle! Continue reading

News for the Heart with Eric Altman on Love

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Laurie Huston from News for the Heart is talking with Eric Altman about Love, self-love and romantic love. Eric offers two meditations on clearing our energy to remove old patterns around Love! We discuss our New Support Group that Eric will be creating with Intuitive Soul for a weekly group call and his weekly Heart Field Healing sessions. Join us for this fascinating discussion! We’re Getting to the Heart of what Matters!

The Dream of Love

skyheartAs we move into the month of February, it always brings up love. Or maybe it is just one of my favorite topics. We want it, want it to be better or are getting it elsewhere (this can mean a casual relationship outside your relationship, or settling for something else because you have stopped expecting you will ever find it!). Love is a complicated thing. Our media hypes it to be all about the beginning, the chase and the capture. Yet, rarely does it show the difficulties within a relationship. I’m going to have author Jessica Shepherd talk about two of her most recent books, Venus Signs and Karmic Mates, where we’ll get to the Heart of what Matters with regards to Love and Astrology. She has an interesting concept of planets in the 5th house showing our Karmic relationships. I will interview her live on Tuesday February 3rd and produced on Monday February 9th. Continue reading

How is Love Unfolding in your life?

As we observe the colder than average winter, we begin to long for spring and warmer weather. Our groundhogs have unanimously decided that we are in for another 6 weeks (although, our meteorologists were already confirming this). On a brighter note, this is the shortest month of the year and the one I have declared as “Love Month”. We allow ourselves an opportunity to open our hearts during this cold, short month because of one day. Unfortunately, many put so much emphasis and expectation on this day to be perfect and set it as a benchmark for how love will show up in their lives. Continue reading