Sept Newsletter 2016 ~ Intimacy (Into-me-see)!

Happy Fall Equinox The fall although exciting and probably my most favorite season, always makes me a little sad as it means the end of long days and warm nights. However, this summer has been so hot, I look forward to some cooler evenings.  I still expect a few weeks of swimming left and feel… Continue reading Sept Newsletter 2016 ~ Intimacy (Into-me-see)!

Intimacy (Into-me-see)

Usually when I think of fall, especially at the beginning of Sept, I think about new beginnings, learning and change. This year my thinking seems to be on Intimacy. I mentioned last month I’m participating in Emmanuel Dagher’s “Core Healing” and this past week the theme was on Divine Partners. The topic of intimacy came… Continue reading Intimacy (Into-me-see)