Jan 2019 Newsletter: Year of Claiming

Another year has gone by WOW! 2018 was the Year of Mastery and to master something you must see all sides of it. 2018 was definitely one of those years. Some ended up coining it the Year of Retrogrades. Personal planet retrogrades impact us the most and thankfully neither Mars nor Venus will retrograde this… Continue reading Jan 2019 Newsletter: Year of Claiming

2019 Year of Claiming

Can you believe that it is almost 2019? The year of Mastery 2018 was challenging with all the personal retrograde planets that impacted us throughout the year. 2019 will only have 3 Mercury Retrogrades and both Mars and Venus will be direct all year. Mastery was all about understanding and growing who we are. This… Continue reading 2019 Year of Claiming