Greatest You Summit

 Telesummits are so much fun, helpful and absolutely life-changing. Don’t you agree? What if, you can effortlessly start living a more abundant, prosperous life? What would it mean to you if you can deal with the inevitable throes of life with ease? Would you like to gain clarity, insight, knowledge, confidence and spiritual advancement? After… Continue reading Greatest You Summit

What Affects Your Business?

You may not even be aware of it but your professional energy may be burdened by past business/employment relationships with colleagues, co-workers, bosses, and family where you may harbor old grudges and unresolved issues. Attachments to other people, material things, or the distraction of “social media” in your life can deplete your professional energy. An… Continue reading What Affects Your Business?

The Filters of Fear or Love

Last month we discussed “expectations and attachments” and how they impact our enjoyment of life through keeping us stuck in how we respond to situations and people. Through this I shared that we all have filters on how we view the world. We often find it difficult to comprehend how a certain filter, such as… Continue reading The Filters of Fear or Love

Oct Newsletter 2017: Keeping your Energy Clear

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween! This has been quite the beginning to Fall here in Toronto. The hottest days this summer occurred this fall. And I felt particularly drained last week while trying to meet my deadline of the beginning of the month. So, instead I relaxed and let it all unfold 💜 Things are never quite… Continue reading Oct Newsletter 2017: Keeping your Energy Clear

Keeping your Energy Clear

What a summer this fall has been! Caught in a heat warning for the past week I have been examining how we deal with our life and energy. This past week especially – near the end of the Heat wave we experienced – I felt slammed energetically between being over worked and being drained due… Continue reading Keeping your Energy Clear