Dec 2018 Newsletter: Finding Peace

Happy Holidays! I love this time of year. The ‘Magic of the Season’ is the love, compassion, and generosity that exists – especially at this time of the year. It has the power to open our hearts so completely that we wonder how we have ever loved in the past. The ‘magic’ is remembering the… Continue reading Dec 2018 Newsletter: Finding Peace

Finding Peace

As I sit writing this we are coming up to the Beginning of the Holiday Season – it was right before the American Thanksgiving which leads to our Christmas Season. Every culture has Holidays during the end of the Year where we can feel Blessed and Grateful. The Spirit of Giving to others is part… Continue reading Finding Peace

Oct 2018 Newsletter: Understanding Failure and Responsibility

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving & Halloween I’m not sure where the time is going? I love the Fall even if the colors aren’t quite here yet, however, I have a feeling by my next Newsletter we will be well into the beautiful Fall colors! When I contemplate our Canadian Thanksgiving just around the corner, I am… Continue reading Oct 2018 Newsletter: Understanding Failure and Responsibility

Failure and Responsibility

This month’s inspiration came again from Emmanuel Dagher and my beginning work with Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song. I think about many concepts in my mind as I grow on this journey. Last month I touched on Failure in Feelings vs Emotions. Since then the Fear of Failure has become a theme in my work.… Continue reading Failure and Responsibility

Sept 2018 Newsletter: Emotions & Core Beliefs

Happy Equinox I can’t believe that we are heading into fall this month. This summer has been interesting, with 6 planets in Retrograde most of the summer as well as 3 eclipses. It was a summer to relax and chill. Although, our heat waves didn’t inspire “chilling” so much. I hope you EnJOYed your summer!… Continue reading Sept 2018 Newsletter: Emotions & Core Beliefs

Emotions and Core Fears

Like everyone I am always trying to better myself or ‘Grow Up’ as Tom Campbell would say. And one of the things I do is partake in Emmanuel Dagher’s Club Miracles where we have a live healing meditation each month. This past month the healing meditation was on core fears which Emmanuel believes are Fear… Continue reading Emotions and Core Fears

Apr 2018 Newsletter: Feelings vs Emotions

Happy Easter and Spring! EnJOY your long weekend! Happy Easter… This past few weeks have shown up in some interesting ways – I have replaced all of my electronics since the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. All replaced out of necessity to shift old energies and because some weren’t working or in the case of my… Continue reading Apr 2018 Newsletter: Feelings vs Emotions

Feelings vs Emotions

This month my inspiration came from Emmanuel Dagher’s Club Miracles healing call – where he discussed the difference between Emotions and Feelings. I found it fascinating: he sees our emotions as something we have judged as either good or bad – where our feelings are from a state of BEing and are not identified or judged as either good or bad, they just… Continue reading Feelings vs Emotions

Mar 2018 Newsletter: Heart-Centered Intentions

Happy Spring Equinox Spring is always a time of New Beginnings, Emmanuel Dagher’s Energy Forecast for March is about shedding your cocoon. I think we often hibernate during the winter and become more excited once the warm weather begins to impact us. We have had some beautiful weather each month this winter, and after several… Continue reading Mar 2018 Newsletter: Heart-Centered Intentions

Mar Newsletter 2017: Healing through Dreams & Synchronicities

Happy Spring Equinox! March may well bring an early Spring here in Toronto, as this past month has been the warmest Feb in history (or so I believe) and it appears our weather experts were wrong. LOL BIG surprise, our brief La Nina has somehow turned back into an El Nino? Not sure what that… Continue reading Mar Newsletter 2017: Healing through Dreams & Synchronicities

Healing through Dreams & Synchronicities

Seems like an odd direction for my thought process this month … however as I was preparing for a 21 day healing event with Emmanuel Dagher and Ziad Hashash – where I had to come up with the direction for this healing opportunity – I uncovered a series of what could be seen as unrelated… Continue reading Healing through Dreams & Synchronicities

Feb Newsletter 2017: The Question of Love

Happy Love Month February is always Love Month on Intuitive Soul and as I pondered what I wanted to write this year, two very important signs came into my awareness. I watched “Arrival” and I prepared for my second interview with Linda Howe. Why are these important? In some ways they don’t have anything to do… Continue reading Feb Newsletter 2017: The Question of Love

Jan Newsletter 2017: Resolutions and Sabotage

Happy New Year!   I want to wish everyone a Magical New Year 2017! Well many of us will be happy that 2016 is behind us and a New 1 year cycle begins on Jan 1st 2017 (1-1-1)! For many, including myself these past 9 years have been a HUGE growing period, although, this past… Continue reading Jan Newsletter 2017: Resolutions and Sabotage

Resolutions and Sabotage

I have to say the last month of this year made up for the challenges throughout 2016. Receiving my sweet little kitten, Angel, on Dec 7th was definitely part of the Christmas Magic I so often talk about! However I’m amazed that the year is ending and a New Year, a new 9 year cycle… Continue reading Resolutions and Sabotage

Oct Newsletter 2016 ~ Resistance blocks Joy!

Happy Fall & Halloween! This month began with a Heart Wrenching decision that left my Heart Aching. Jasper took with him a piece of my Soul and left me with great knowledge. I knew that I had to dedicate something to him, so I wrote a blog and included some of my favorite pictures. You… Continue reading Oct Newsletter 2016 ~ Resistance blocks Joy!

Resistance blocks JOY

This month a series of events allowed me to become aware when I was in resistance and therefore blocking the flow of universal love and joy. I participated in Emmanuel Dagher’s Core Attunements that discussed Evolved Wealth where he discussed service and tithing, which brought up some resistance and resistance was the purpose of the… Continue reading Resistance blocks JOY

Sept Newsletter 2016 ~ Intimacy (Into-me-see)!

Happy Fall Equinox The fall although exciting and probably my most favorite season, always makes me a little sad as it means the end of long days and warm nights. However, this summer has been so hot, I look forward to some cooler evenings.  I still expect a few weeks of swimming left and feel… Continue reading Sept Newsletter 2016 ~ Intimacy (Into-me-see)!

Intimacy (Into-me-see)

Usually when I think of fall, especially at the beginning of Sept, I think about new beginnings, learning and change. This year my thinking seems to be on Intimacy. I mentioned last month I’m participating in Emmanuel Dagher’s “Core Healing” and this past week the theme was on Divine Partners. The topic of intimacy came… Continue reading Intimacy (Into-me-see)

August Newsletter 2016 ~ Healing is Remembering You are Whole!

Happy Hot Days of Summer! Wow, the Summer is moving quickly, our nights are getting longer and the heat is HOT! I enJOY the summer, and this year due to the unusually warm winter, I’ve been able to do what I love most, which is swim in the Lake which is about a 3-4 minute walk… Continue reading August Newsletter 2016 ~ Healing is Remembering You are Whole!

Healing is Remembering You Are Whole

As most of you know by now I look for my inspiration from my life. I dedicate my work to Growing and Evolving towards Love within myself first! So, when I connect with someone or a class I feel inspired to take, I will. This month Emmanuel Dagher is promoting his Core Attunements work that… Continue reading Healing is Remembering You Are Whole