Sept Newsletter 2019 ~ Ego Consciousness

Where does the summer go? I’m sitting here preparing for my Sept Newsletter wondering what happened to the summer – we wait all winter for some nice weather and here in the north the summer seems far shorter than the cold winter weather. My challenge is always: where do we focus our attention? I know I have a blessed life. I have a sweet little place that I work, write and live in. I have the ability to work at what I love and enjoy my life. I have people in my life with whom I can share good times and also help me grow. And I’m in a place where I want to Evolve and Grow Up so my attention is on how I best can do that. For this month’s Blog I want to explore our Ego and how it can assist us to Grow Up. Last month we explored how Fear confuses us and Ego plays a huge role in this – especially after interviewing Tom Campbell where he teaches that our Ego is Awareness in Service of Fear

Inspiration: Ego Consciousness

As I am considering writing a book on fear and after my latest Blog which tried to define Fear – I feel the need to clarify fear and its relationship to Ego especially since many ‘spiritual’ teachers out there believe we need to get rid of our Ego because it is what holds us back from Becoming Enlightened. I work with a different opinion – at least under our current evolution – we are NOT in a place where we can just get rid of our Ego. We have a lot of growing up to do and we have too much fear as a society that our Ego is the only way for most of us to Grow at all.

So let’s approach this from a logical perspective. As a whole we are still living in a third dimensional world which breaks down through a process we call ‘entropy’ and becomes less … orderly. And what causes the break down in this three dimensional world? Fear. Fear is the opposite of Love and it is Love and its related kindness, compassion, acceptance that builds our world. And in this world that we live in we each have an Ego – an Ego that mostly runs our lives. Our Ego also is what pushes us to Grow Up because it is our Ego that is triggered when we focus on ‘us’ instead of ‘we’ or ‘you’. And when we sense ‘fear’ in our lives we focus on ourselves – and if we forget Love – we then experience pain and suffering. So in the midst of this pain there is a positive side effect related to the Ego and the value of having the Ego in place: If we didn’t experience the pain and suffering that our Ego alerts us to we might never have the desire to grow towards love. Read More…

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News for the Heart: Tom Campbell talks Ego Consciousness

Laurie Huston from News the Heart is talking with physicist Tom Campbell on Ego: Awareness in Service of Fear. Tom and I discussed Ego Consciousness and the difference between Ego and Super Ego. Super Ego is what we are looking for as it is in Service of Love. As in relation to Virtual Reality; to grow up we need to BE aware of when we are in Service to Fear and how our Ego is manipulating us to be focused on US instead of Other. All fear is focused on ‘me’ and Love is focused on ‘other’. Regardless of whether you are afraid for someone else, it is still how the fear is focused on how it affects us personally. If we want to Grow Up in this Virtual Reality we need to recognize when our Ego is in Service of Fear and address these fears. Letting Go of how we don’t like ourselves because we feel unworthy of Love. Finding that we are all doing the Best that we can and facing our fears, liking who we are and shifting our focus towards others and Love. We will continue this discussion, so if you have any questions that relate to our topic in relation to any of the Virtual Realities, we welcome you question. Join us for this fascinating discussion! We’re Getting to the Heart of what Matters!