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Dane Stevens was living what by most standards would be considered a highly successful life–running a prosperous business, living in a beautiful home, making good money, traveling and generally enjoying his life-despite having suffered incidences of traumatic childhood sex abuse. The only area of his life that was under-performing was his relationships — which were consistently short-lived.  

So in an effort to explore whether that could be transformed, he sought out a recommended therapist/healer to resolve it, but in an intention to release the energy that was trapped in his body, she inadvertently released a bombshell of energy that took over his life, instantly flooding him with fear and out-of-control energy that was un-quenchable. It felt like he had been plugged into a 220-volt outlet with his nervous system unhinged. Three years later, he had lost everything and was homeless. 

Living in his car and or in the houses at night where he was doing construction, he committed to finding a way back. He sought answers from books, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, coaches, gurus, courses, and after five years, he finally stumbled upon something that allowed him to get to the heart of his suffering and connect with it. 

That trial-and-error resulted in the Neuro Trauma Healing Process (NTHP) which bridges the divide between the hurt-and-wounded child inside that is sabotaging one’s life and the conscious being. Using a left/right brain process that allows one deep self-compassion and inquiry, NTHP, and its companion Soul Re-Cognition Process (SRC) are highly successful trauma healing methodologies that are now being taught around the world. His new book Reclaim Your Power to Create Your Best Life: How to Permanently Heal Unwanted Behaviors, Chronic Conditions and Addictions offers an answer to people who have tried everything and reached the end of their emotional rope. Developed out of desperation, NTHP is now providing the relief for far more people than Dane himself, who recovered entirely, and released the fight-or-flight programming that had so long been embedded in his cells and energetic body.

Being introduced to the public for the first time, the NTHP step-by-step process succeeds where many other modalities, therapies, healing techniques and behavior modification have fallen short–and achieves permanent healing. It is not a coping skill, a technique to overcome, a way to compensate or a medication that masks the problem. 

The NTHP process makes the unconscious, controlling, frightened child feel safe. And once that happens, through continued gentle, loving, self-inquiry, the trauma energy dissipates and dissolves permanently. Using a form of gentle, deep self-compassion, you make an intimate connection with the wounded part of you, and re-choose your response to your experience and subsequent beliefs– bringing it into the present moment where it isn’t happening any longer, stopping the looping habits and fears.

But out of this remarkable clearing process came another windfall for Dane’s soul. As he healed, with the peace he was now experiencing creating new space in his life, it allowed a naturally growing connection to the higher consciousness, which began to flow through him with ease. That gateway has opened access to his Higher Self that gives him wisdom and guidance. This, too, is now experienced by the many who are practicing NTHP and SRC.   

Says Dane: “The NTHP and SRC processes take another step in the evolution of our healing and spiritual development. They show us how we are working and give us the ability to heal our Self. They give us the keys to our life back, thus bringing us back home to our spiritual nature–becoming our own source again. This work has been called the next step in the evolution of our mental / emotional healing and spiritual development and we are proud to bring it forward with this book.”

The Neuro Trauma Healing Process melds the psychological, scientific, and spiritual together in a fusion of long-term, permanent recovery from any condition including trauma, chronic anxiety or fear, chronic pain, obesity, eating disorders, addiction, depression and or physical ailments.You’re no longer at the mercy of the subconscious mind and bullied into dysfunction any longer. Says Dane “I set out to write this book specifically for those who have negative experiences from their past that have had it turned into a life sentence…I wanted to tell them there is a way out.”



Oct 2020 – What a Year

What a Year… it seems crazy that a year with so much potential – has turned around into something hardly imaginable. Tomorrow marks our Fall Equinox and the weather shifted almost as soon as the month of September began. I do love this time of year – except for the shift of energy of this year. Mars is retrograde until Nov 13th (which is also a Friday – just like the Fri the 13th in March when our lives changed with shutting down due to COVID-19) and next month Oct 14th – Nov 3rd we have Mercury in Retrograde. However, if you read my New Year Blog 2020 – Year of Ascension & Spiritual Growth all the important stuff is at the end of the year in December.

I know that Halloween this year won’t be the same – if ever – but it is on a Saturday and a Blue Full Moon. It will be an evening of Magic – I hope you take advantage of it!

Inspiration: 2020 Vision and the Antidotes to Fear and Stress

I think back to the beginning of this year – with my 2020 Vision – and wonder how we missed most of this year to a virus that left us holding our breath and waiting – holding our breath and waiting instead of creating the vision we knew was ours. The ‘holding our breath and waiting’ began Friday March 13th here in Canada. And now, after we have passed over the six month mark, it is looking like the dreaded 2nd wave has approached. Our 20/20 vision didn’t prepare us for this – and most of us are still scratching our heads wondering what we accomplished over the Spring and Summer of 2020. We’ve seen a great deal of controversy and fear – hidden through anger and suggestions of conspiracy. We’ve also seen others step up and be gentler and kinder to the World. But somehow we’ve all felt stuck and waiting for something. What? What are we waiting for?

And we had great plans … so where did they go? Can we salvage the next wave of this pandemic and find a way to thrive?

It’s difficult to make a plan when everything is not as we have ever known. People everywhere are feeling isolated and lonely – while also worrying about financial stress. When our finances are in jeopardy our relationships deteriorate and fears abound. The lack of money is probably the single greatest fear most of us have. This fear influences almost all of our experiences in some way. And this is why many of us feel stuck – and angry. Regardless of Mars, the planet of action (and anger), being retrograde until Nov 13th maybe it now being 8 months exactly to date of our closures will bring some ‘luck’ into our environment. Eight being a ‘lucky’ number. But what will it take to have the motivation to create the Dreams we seek and the determination to succeed?

Succeeding of course is part of the dilemma. What is our definition of success? Happiness, balance, harmony or does it only relate to our financial success? Read More…

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