2021 Angel Message

After the year we have almost completed – it isn’t a surprise that the word of the Year is Faith. Something we have all seemed to have lost. 2020, the Year of Ascension, depended on what choices we made. If we allowed LOVE to govern us throughout the year, then we evolved our Soul Essence.… Continue reading 2021 Angel Message

A Brave New Normal

As I write this it is Earth Day – and what a new world we live in. A close friend captured a photo of a foxes – a mom and her kits – just playing on the beach in my area of Toronto with their den under the boardwalk. This would never have happened under… Continue reading A Brave New Normal

Jul-Aug Newsletter 2019 ~ In Fear We Trust

Happy Summer at last!! Yes we have had some hot & humid weather already – today is Beautiful. The lake is perfect and we should all take some time this summer to EnJOY ourselves. July is a tricky month with Mercury Retrograde and two eclipses. Full moon eclipse is tomorrow July 16th. Just take some… Continue reading Jul-Aug Newsletter 2019 ~ In Fear We Trust

In Fear We Trust

After my retreat with Tom Campbell this past January I wrote that I was inspired to write a book and this is the beginning of that book. The working title, In Fear We Trust, came to me because even though we like to deny it our fears are what we put our trust in. When… Continue reading In Fear We Trust

BEing is a Choice

“’Doing’ is a means to an end but ‘Being’ is a choice.” This quote came to me as I was preparing for a meditation this month. I thought it was important because it embodies what I have been teaching for years now. Things happen and we react to what is happening by ‘doing’ something to… Continue reading BEing is a Choice