A Brave New Normal

Photo by Ana Santo

As I write this it is Earth Day – and what a new world we live in. A close friend captured a photo of a foxes – a mom and her kits – just playing on the beach in my area of Toronto with their den under the boardwalk. This would never have happened under normal circumstances. We don’t have any reference for all the changes occurring in our world right now. And I don’t think anyone could have predicted this turn of events, nor the long term effects that may occur. Life as we know it – is different now. We have spent the past 40 days in isolation – going out briefly to get supplies and possibly a short walk. We have never experienced the opportunities presenting themselves today. Most of us have nothing to ‘do’ – business as usual has changed. We have more free time to ponder our lives and what we want to BE. Work has shifted to waiting for the world to begin again or return to normal. Continue reading

BEing is a Choice

“’Doing’ is a means to an end but ‘Being’ is a choice.” This quote came to me as I was preparing for a meditation this month. I thought it was important because it embodies what I have been teaching for years now. Things happen and we react to what is happening by ‘doing’ something to change it if we don’t like what is happening. Even when our heart is in the right place we are still manipulating what is happening in our lives or the lives of others. We may try to fix, change, heal – but we are ‘doing’ something to manipulate what is happening. Doing is just a way to change our outside world. We may do things from fear or from a place of love – however it is still ‘doing’ something on the outside in hopes to change how we feel about what is happening on the inside. The outside world is dictating to us how to respond to a given situation. And this is backwards! Continue reading

The Filters of Fear or Love

Last month we discussed “expectations and attachments” and how they impact our enjoyment of life through keeping us stuck in how we respond to situations and people. Through this I shared that we all have filters on how we view the world. We often find it difficult to comprehend how a certain filter, such as the feelings of abandonment, insignificance, not being enough, being unlovable or being unappreciated can impact how an event is perceived in our lives. And the reality is that we all have these filters of fear! Our filters impact how we interpret and view the world. Our filters block us from experiencing the Truth and BEing Open to Love where we would have no filters. Continue reading

News for the Heart talks with Tom Campbell on Holiday Magic and Worthiness

Laurie Huston from News the Heart is talking with physicist Tom Campbell on Holiday Magic and Worthiness. This conversation begins with us discussing that most of us have difficulties with worthiness and that it is a fear we collect from a very early age. Our Ego holds on to our fears and how we get really stuck if we get depressed around the Holidays. He helps us again to understand that our intentions help us to move forward and sometimes we just have to ‘do’ it, as in go to the Holiday events and be Open, instead of going into our fears and avoiding all interactions. The Holidays are all about family and connecting with others. Relationships all assist us to grow and in cases where there is a great deal of anxiety or depression (which Tom claims is just fear and a choice) then you need to see your fears and move through them. It is through our intention to Grow towards Love or just Grow Up that the larger consciousness system that will help us and we can come from a place of BEing instead of an intellectual understanding. The changes, may not happen over night, but if you are patient and willing to open yourself up to the Holidays and come from a place of Giving (not gifts but just BEing) we can find the courage to grow and actually have fun. A big part of our interview is on Giving and connecting with the Magic of the season. Worthiness is difficult but it is just a fear we can overcome with courage and acknowledgment that it exists. Remember we are here to Grow towards Love not stay stuck in our fears! Join us for this fascinating discussion! We’re Getting to the Heart of what Matters!

Transitions: Fears from Change to Death

Transition can mean several different things. It can mean change; it can mean we are going through a different phase in our lives; or it can mean the ultimate transition, death. There seems to be a lot of fear around ‘transition’ and ‘change’ and maybe there is something in the word ‘transition’ that brings up our wounded child who is afraid of the unknown. For me the month of June brought with it the end of a cycle of ‘transitions’ over the past year and with the end of a cycle of ‘transitions’ perhaps I am seeing things more clearly and am more able to face other transitions yet to be without the same kind of anxiety I may have in the past. My brother was buried June 30th 2016; my beloved cat Jasper transitioned Oct 1st, 2016, and finally my mother transitioned and was buried June 28th 2017. They say bad luck comes in threes but for me these three transitions were symbolic of a deeper message around letting go. The power of three huge occurrences that happened in one year suggests to me that my life has been completely reborn into something new. My being reborn is like a transition toward freedom. I have an opportunity to see the world anew and look at what is most important to me and maybe to look at what I have been afraid to do and allow the Universe to show me something I can’t even imagine. THAT would be most important to me, that act of just allowing myself to change how I look at the world and that would help bring about change or transition in me that is freeing. So there really is no need to fear change. Continue reading