Jan Newsletter 2017: Resolutions and Sabotage

Happy New Year!   I want to wish everyone a Magical New Year 2017! Well many of us will be happy that 2016 is behind us and a New 1 year cycle begins on Jan 1st 2017 (1-1-1)! For many, including myself these past 9 years have been a HUGE growing period, although, this past… Continue reading Jan Newsletter 2017: Resolutions and Sabotage

Resolutions and Sabotage

I have to say the last month of this year made up for the challenges throughout 2016. Receiving my sweet little kitten, Angel, on Dec 7th was definitely part of the Christmas Magic I so often talk about! However I’m amazed that the year is ending and a New Year, a new 9 year cycle… Continue reading Resolutions and Sabotage