Spring – New Beginnings

When we think of Spring – we think of New Beginnings. Why? What is it about this time of the year – a time more important than New Year’s and typically more important than the memory of beginning the new school year – that makes us consider New Beginnings? Groundhog day – which is something I am always fond of as I grew up close to our renowned albino groundhog Wiarton Willie – makes me excited to hear his predictions and this year many people saw an early Spring. Is this part of our pondering? When the snow makes way for new growth? Obviously there are many parts of the world where seasons aren’t as distinct as they are here in Canada. Do those who live in less seasonally-diverse climates also get excited about Spring? What about astrologers? What do they ‘see’? The Spring Equinox correlates to the beginning of the astrological year when we begin again with Aries. Many astrologers believe this is the true beginning of the New Year. Is this why we get excited? I guess the question really is – when we have the access to this exciting energy of new growth and new beginnings – what are you going to do about it? The March 20th equinox this year correlates with Aries perfectly. Mercury Retrograde will have officially moved direct on the 10th of March although the shadow will be intact until the 29th. Mercury in Retrograde usually suggests that things will be a bit slower to achieve new beginnings. However, does that slow you down? What are the parts of creating something new that will assist us? When I consider these questions I still feel the excitement of the sun finally warming us up and more sunlight offering us access to more energy. Here in the north Spring is welcoming and anticipated – and where the return of our Robins, Magnolias and Snowdrop flowers are signs we wait for to celebrate Spring. This year, 2020, the weekend of February 22nd and 23rd we are to see the first signs of Spring where our outside temperature will almost – or hopefully will – reach double digits (Celsius). Mind you: this winter has been a strange one from torrential rain to blasts of snow and several extremely cold days. We have seen it all and our Winter weather hasn’t been that bad. Yet Spring –  Spring is still Magical for us. Spring creates opportunities to move, expand, and generate anticipation and belief in Newness. Let’s explore some ideas that will guide us to New Beginnings as the Spring comes upon us.
  • Excitement – building: I think that we first should allow the new energies that are building to be observed in our lives: whether we feel new growth, seeds germinating, or somehow feel connected with the Sun and Equinox or, in the case of Astrologers, with Aries. The sun, regardless of where you are, comes into more of a balance of light and darkness. The month before, during and after Equinox, is when we either add more or less sun than any other time of the year. In Spring we receive more sunlight and during the Fall less sunlight here in the Northern hemisphere. This feels the most expansive! We just need to be aware of how these energies support New Beginnings. Support –  and that includes the reinforcing the seeds of newness within us. So let’s build on the excitement that seems to come with these energies and let these energies unfold. Let’s remember what our bodies crave as we are never to remain stagnant but to always Grow – just like the Earth as she awakens to Spring. So let’s play with the excitement within and allow it to fuel a way to manifest our dreams.
  • Getting clear about what we want. This is always the most important step. It is crucial when we get clear about what we want that it is from a place of expansion, growth and love, because unfortunately we usually make change from a place of fear. Fear is natural because we desire change when we feel we have no control over our lives. When we feel lack, for example, we believe that money will change our lives. This is Fear triggering us to change, to believe that money is what we want and will create the change we desire. This is so far from the truth. Fear can never create the change we desire because we end up focusing on the problem. Money will never make the change we want. They say money is a reflection of our connection to Love and Abundance. If we have money problems then we have fears within us relating to our expression of Love and Abundance. Therefore it is best if we focus on the feelings that the energy of Money brings. What will the energy of Money create within us? Is it a sense of Freedom, Peace, or Expansion? Let’s choose the feeling of what we desire instead of choosing the feeling of the actual problem we are wanting to alleviate –  because the Universe will align with our Hearts and produce far more than could ever be imagined if we stop trying to control it! Let Go!
  • Create a new story. Let’s face it we have this ‘story’ that is created from our perceptions of our experiences to date. It is a story usually full of fears and the story therefore recreates our triggers which actually assist us to Grow Up. So, instead of reliving the same story over and over again, let’s begin anew. This past month I observed my reading habits. I love reading! What I observed while reading two series of books was that one was full of adversaries. There was a heroine and throughout the series, other than the heroine, I had no idea who I could trust. There was no real character development because there was so much betrayal and darkness. I only started to read the series because it was suggestive that it was similar to an author I love. Unfortunately it was not the case and I continued to read hoping to reconcile the differences and search for some redeeming qualities – redeeming qualities that never came to light. Then I read a book series that was full of Love and wonderful characters that I could really relate to and also to aspire to be like them. Which do you think I enjoyed the most? Sure my personal past has many examples of betrayal and part of my old story became triggered in my reading but it also made me anxious and pained because I really want to have a story that is full of Love and Nurturing Support. I want my story to be a series of Love, not fear. So let’s create that!
  • Heart Alignment. I believe the last aspect of building newness in our lives is to align our Hearts towards the energies of what we want to create. The problem is our head/ego with its critical banter is what we hear the most. Our heart is the gentle guidance that is full of Love, Compassion and Joy. It guides us to be gentle to ourselves and to BE present. When we listen to it instead of our head – it won’t give us things to Do and we don’t get instructions about what we have to change or fix – it will instead, this gentle guiding heart, nurture us and inspire us to BE happy and loving. Let’s listen to our Hearts encouraging us to BE all we can BE.
Let’s allow the Spring this year to inspire us towards something Magical. Let’s create a New Beginning that is Heart generated and Passion filled. With Love and an Open Heart …

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