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Intuitive Counseling Services

Quick 1 Question (answered via E-Mail ) $50 (more info)

Full Intuitive Counseling Session (up to 5 questions answered via E-Mail) $100 (more info)

Phone Intuitive Counseling Session $150 per Hour (this may also be done in-person) (more info)

Relationship Advice (up to 5 Questions answered via Email) $100 (more info)

Relationship Advice (answered via Phone call, Skype or in-person) $150 per Hour (more info)

Quan Yin Channeling (answered via E-Mail) $100 (more info)

Quan Yin Channeling (Phone) $150 (more info)

Intuitive Clearing Services

All clearing services can be done remotely as well as in person. They are just as effective. I have a dedicated amount of time each morning Mon-Fri to offer Quick Clearings. For you to be ensured a clearing that morning, I request that your information and offering is complete by 11 am EST, at the latest. Please indicate what area is impacting you the most. (If this is an emergency, please indicate this and I will try my best to respond within the day.)

Quick Clearing (single issue/person/situation) $50 (more info)

Quick Full Straight Clearing: $150 (more info)

Quick Expanded Full Clearing: $200 (more info)

Full Personal Clearing: 2-3 session $400 (more info)

Full Personal Clearing: 1 session $300 (more info)

Rising Star Healing $150 (more info)

Etheric Surgery: $50 (more info)

DNA Activation: $100 – 22 Strand DNA Activation (more info)

Home Clearing (more info)

Clearing for Selling Real Estates (more info)

Offices and Facilities Clearing (more info)

Please Contact me if you are interested in an estimate, as houses, real estates, offices and faclilities prices vary depending on size.

Clearing Training

Level 1 $495 ~ Psychic Self Defense (more info)

Advanced, Level 2 $495 ~ Clearing Work (more info)

Master, Level 3 $495 ~ Matrix Soul Retrieval (more info)

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By proceeding with the counseling session and/or service you agree to the following terms and conditions.You must be 18 years of age or older, you agree that Laurie is expressing her personal and professional opinion and views, and these opinions and views are not intended to treat or diagnose illness. Her opinions and views are shared as a guide for you to make better more informed decisions in your life. Laurie is not responsible for any situation in your life, or any outcome in your life should you follow her advice. No matter how powerful, insightful, deep and profound the opinions, views or observations that Laurie may make, in accepting this information from Laurie, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for your actions now and in the future. Laurie accepts no liability for any situation in your life past, present, or future.
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