Sept Newsletter ~ Conscious Creation from the Heart

Hello Wonderful Friends!!
Wow, can you believe it is almost Sept? Time definitely feels like it is speeding up! I think a lot of us are feeling the impact of Mercury Retrograde this month, as well as the 3 of our outer planets are also in retrograde… Pluto, Neptune and Uranus! So, this isn’t a time of new beginnings, but rather of review. Be gentle! I have written an extra long article this month on Conscious Creation from the Heart, because it is calling to me! Telling me how important it is. Which is going to shift my work and teleclass with Jean Adrienne this fall!

My feeling is that Conscious Creation isn’t about the mind, or “The Secret” philosophy, which is the Law of Attraction. This keeps us focused outside ourselves. It focuses on the “who” we want in our lives, and the “how” which is all about control; the ego driven desires (biggest house, best education, fastest car, the most money, to be the sexiest, the prettiest, the best etc!!). We search outside for all the “comforts” of the ego. This is how the mind works. The mind is external. It is our external senses. What we see, hear, smell, taste etc. We are never satisfied from a mind/ego space. When something goes wrong, we blame it on something outside ourselves. When a relationship changes, we focus on what we’ve lost. We focus on it being “personal”. It is always about “me”. The ego. Or if we have low self esteem, and many of us do, we blame ourselves for doing something wrong! We go over and over what we could have, would have, or should have done.

When we focus outside ourselves, we are never satisfied or we never feel enough! We can shift the energy of our situation, by being grateful! By forgiving. By being positive. By getting by on what we have. By accepting our circumstances. By loving ourselves. Except we don’t know what love is when focused on our minds and egos. It is limited, based on our experiences of love. And because we are seeing it from outside ourselves. We are seeing the world as what it reflects to us. We see our world by our relationships; through our homes; through what we have accumulated; through whether we can “survive”. Our world, defined by our ego, is seen through how much money we have, our bills/debt, whether we are “successful” or a failure. We see everything outside ourselves through our ego! Are we “right”? Do we have “enough”? The problem is we will never have enough!!!

Our minds keep us looking outside for the answers. We lose our souls’ passion and gentle guidance. We become disappointed in life and forget the “magic” that we knew as children! Love is magic. We all know this magic when we fall in love (even though that is a whole other topic!!). Giving is magical, unless we are focused on how the other person will respond to the gift or on whether you can afford to buy it! We are reminded to go back to our childhood innocence! This is where our souls spoke to us the loudest. Reminding us Who we are! Our soul will never tell us we need to have so much money in the bank. Or have the biggest house or fastest car. However, we may have gotten excited by a flashy red bicycle or sports car, because it was beautiful and shiny, our hair would blow in the wind and we felt free!

Our hearts don’t care “who” we love, what they look like or what letters they have before or after their name. It doesn’t care about how “big” their house is or how much money they make. Our hearts care about how we feel around them. How our heart opens and expands when we’re with them. Once our hearts stop opening or expanding, then we stop growing and is time to change something within us. Our heart doesn’t care where we live or how “successful” we are or whether we impress our friends, family or neighbours! Our heart cares about how much we love and how much we can accept Who we Are! To just BE who we are without the fear attached to it.

Our heart/soul speaks to us through gentle nudgings. It reminds us everything is “perfect” just the way it is. No matter how turbulent it appears outside us. It speaks through our passion for life and reminds us what makes us feel passionate! Our heart/soul is speaking to us when we get lost in a book because our imagination is inspired. While we are writing, creating a piece of art or observing a piece of art. When time is lost, it is because we were aligned with our soul. Our soul doesn’t care about our bills or our bank account, however, it doesn’t want us to live in disappointment either. It aches when we continue to focus outside because it means we will never be satisfied! We can never feel our “magic” if we focus outside. And we need to remember our magic!!!

Conscious creation is about aligning with our Souls’ purpose and being guided through that gentle guidance coming from our hearts. Instead of focusing on money or career, we need to focus on being aligned with what our soul work is. Instead of focusing on our Soulmate, we want to focus on aligning our inner Being with who we are from this soul perspective. Instead of focusing on the big house, we align with our “inner” home. Then the universe can align with what is in our true and best interest.

Conscious Creation is making choices from Love instead of fear. Aligning ourselves with our inner Truth. Coming from a place of integrity from the place within us, not outside us.

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Week Three – In The Now What is the past? What is the future? Staying in the body How do your organs and glands react? Pre-scripting Your Interactions
Week Four – Moving From The Head To The Heart Going Inside Your Cave To Find The Answers Heart Focus Exercises and Meditations
Week Five – Developing and Trusting Your Inner Voice Learning to Listen Automatic writing exercises
Week Six – Aligning With Your Soul Purpose Expanding your “self” Connecting all your aspects and all your cells Gaining the commitment

With Love and an Open Heart,