Sept Newsletter 2013 ~ Rules of the Game

Happy Fall,

Fall is such a wonderful time of the year, where we all get excited about starting new projects and new learnings! Although some see it as bitter sweet, because the summer is weaning, the nights are getting cooler and the leaves are beginning to change (on some trees). I see fall as a new chance to begin creating again. Like a fresh start, what we remember as students going to school on the first day. It is always exciting to me.

I wanted to introduce a wonderful new practitioner I discovered and promote a new program of a good friend of mine. First, as you all know I have been on a personal journey of Health and Well-being. I met recently, a young man who is an RMT but also does Muscle Activation. What Joshua looks for is weak muscles and knows exactly what bone is out of place or what acupuncture point (electronic acupuncture) to use to make that muscle, ligament or bone strong again. If it hadn’t been done to my own body, I’m not sure I would have believed it! I highly recommend meeting Joshua Young or call 647-231-8142.

Also, I want to let you know that my friend Helen Goldstein is launching a new project on Work Place Wellness. It is an on-line training for wellness professionals to teach you to deliver wellness in the work place, conferences and retreats. She is having a teleseminar on Sept 19th, to find out more information about this exciting program and the seminar please visit her new website (coming very soon)

My Inspiration this month:
Recently, I’ve had a series of shows with Tom Campbell on consciousness. During our last 2 shows (please see his page) he has said some things that I believed to be quite profound. To understand his analogy think about a computer game like Sims or World of Warcraft where our consciousness is the person who has the mouse or controls that are making the choices within the virtual reality. It is our choices that determine whether we are evolving or not. When we become so invested in the game and what we perceive as our “story”, which we use to justify our fear and our ego, (please see last month’s article) we begin to identify ourselves as the game.  We forget who we really are.

We get so caught up in our story that we put all of our energy on fixing, manipulating, or trying to control the game in our search for happiness; that we may miss the very reason we are here at this time, in this human experience. We are here to evolve! Evolution occurs when we make choices from a state of Being that is love not fear. All the stories we create around justifying our choices that are not love, move us away from the “rules of the game”, which is our freewill to make choices that allow us to evolve our consciousness or not!

We are in a Virtual Reality and realizing this is how we can fast track to evolve our consciousness. When we learn to make choices from Love not fear, than our choices create more love through our compassion and caring for others, and we are evolving our consciousness. We all know that it doesn’t always feel like a choice, but that is just our ego needing to justify itself or our choices (why we are “right”, why we can get frustrated or angry etc.). It is important still to be authentic and allow our emotions to be felt, however, once we have our initial reaction in the now moment, we must be vigilant to not add to the story of why we felt our initial reaction. Just ask yourself how can I come from a state of Love now?  Read More:

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with co-host Jean Adrienne and I, are every 2nd and 4th Mon-this month Sept 9th and 23rd
Sept 16th, Co-host David Watson, 
Sept 30th TBA
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Sept 4th, Co-host Nancy Arruda 
Sept 11th TBA
Sept 18t, Co-host Nancy Arruda
Sept 25th, Co-host Jennifer Kautz
Intuitive Soul and Friends, Fridays:
Sept 6th, Shaman Rai
Sept 13th, Tracy McBurney
Energy Consciousness
Sept 20th, Shaman Rai
Sept 27th, Thomas Campbell, Quantum Physics and Consciousness

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With Love and an Open Heart,

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