Paraic Donoghue 24/06/08

With Numerous workshops in Canada and overseas, independent research into ancient mysteries & ancient civilizations. Paraic has vast knowledge around this topic of Individual Freedom & understands the disturbances we all face when moving closer to our goals. The Celts a diverse group of tribal people who were once a huge part of the Irish landscape, drew their power from the land and the cosmos. Paraic’s beliefs are from a very diverse culture and he is blessed to have been given the sight and perception of the old traditions .He has attained insight from leading authorities on many issues in relation to or planet & why we are reaching a crescendo of immense change during these unstable times. Detachment, forgiveness is one of the attributes to harnessing the perception he teaches about. Paraic possesses a powerful ability to combine the ageless tool of storytelling with a profound understanding of today’s culture & the common desire of the human heart. It is obvious more than ever that individuals are searching for customs of various ancient cultures and beliefs to help them move forward and dream a new dream.
Wizard & Warrior©M&A Mentoring Program is a one day workshop for groups & adolescents. The workshop is about expanding your perception to increase awareness from within & to decipher esoteric information that pertains to youThe focal point of the program is to identify the programming that prevents Inner Power and Growth so individuals can cultivate a steady inner knowing to a complete life.The program is designed to amplify your awareness and to align to the symmetry of nature. Paraic will guide you to become the alchemist of your life.”Mastering Self awareness through the Ability to Remember. To request Paraic for an event please check for more information.