Oct Newsletter 2017: Keeping your Energy Clear

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween!

This has been quite the beginning to Fall here in Toronto. The hottest days this summer occurred this fall. And I felt particularly drained last week while trying to meet my deadline of the beginning of the month. So, instead I relaxed and let it all unfold 💜 Things are never quite the way we believe they are going to be and it was my inspiration for this month’s blog on keeping our energy clear. With all that has been happening in the world, it is hard to get upset about the small things. And most things are small things in the grand scheme of life.

We survived Mercury Retrograde just to begin it all again for our main Christmas season Dec 2nd to the 21st which will tamper with our Christmas gift giving. Yikes! Just letting you know in advance. Some planning may be necessary this holiday season.

Every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month I join Jean Adrienne on her show InnerSpeak Soul Adventures where we have a live call in show with FREE readings and clearings. The number to call is  657-383-1895. It’s a lot of fun, so Join US!

Our book “Realities of Creation” that I co-authored has been released. It looks fantastic and my chapter is on the Power of the Heart! Purchase your book today! It makes for a lovely gift, with 9 Powerful women offering a toolbox, filled with ideas to help us move beyond our pre-conceived notions and limiting beliefs. The reader can take a little from each of the contributors and craft the method of conscious creation that best works for them―with consistency, ease, and grace! Buy Yours Today!

What’s Up in the Universal Sky this month: Oct 2017

Another month has come and gone! We ended September with Pluto stationing direct and Jupiter opposite Uranus on September 28th!  The result for many people was pure exhaustion.  A tired energy that lingered deep into your bones, leaving you with wondering if you can keep expending this much energy. Now that October has officially started, does not mean that that exhaustion has left, as with outer planets, their vibe lasts for a while (a week or two in total).

October is all about balance and transformation.  Balance comes the Sun and Mercury in Libra.  Libra’s ruling planet, Venus (Woman, relationships, love and values) will be joining with Mars (men, action, and motivation) on October 5th, which initiates new relationship energy for everyone. Of course, the mind is activated here as both of these planets are in the sign of Virgo.  Try not to analyze everything that is happening or you will find yourself off balance.

The big shift that is coming in October is Jupiter is moving into the sign of Scorpio on October 10th!  Oh yah, change is happening!  Did you notice the synchronicity?  On the 10th month, the 10th day, in a 10th year, the planet which rules the 10th card of the tarot deck is changing signs!  Jupiter transits a sign for approximately 12 to 14 months.  As it completes its journey in the sign of Libra, we are finishing up with the learning’s of attaining balance and harmony.  You may have had a relationship experience that has taught you a lot and allowed you to grow in ways that you could not even have imagined.  Now that Jupiter is shifting into the sign of Scorpio, it is all about change!
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Nancy Arruda is a psychic-intuitive who uses the tools of Astrology and Tarot to gain understanding into the spiritual realms.  She believes in focusing on doing what you love to do.  Living life through your heart center and allowing your inner light to shine!  Visit her at www.universalsky.com

Inspiration: Keeping your Energy Clear

What a summer this fall has been! Caught in a heat warning for the past week I have been examining how we deal with our life and energy. This past week especially – near the end of the Heat wave we experienced – I felt slammed energetically between being over worked and being drained due to the extreme heat.  We all have times in our lives when things impact our energy and sometimes even on a daily occurrence. When life happens and we get caught up in it, our fears tend to get triggered and we may not even realize it and we go on autopilot where we are reacting to life instead of responding. Once we go on autopilot we don’t have any control over our reactions and this will trigger our fears. Although, we are never in control, we can be in charge of our responses except when they are automatic – meaning we need to be present and aware of our energy and our fears. We need to make a choice to not let our fears over take our life. However, it isn’t always easy to see how our energy – or the energy of others – is creating more fear in our lives. Sometimes we don’t realize what is happening until we sit in reflection and examine what has been going on in our lives. If we learn how to keep our energy clear we wouldn’t get slammed nor react to life but respond. We would know when life is happening and determine whether it is our own energy or the energy of another that is impacting us. Therefore, we can make different choices on what the next move is to make us feel better.

So what can we do when, sitting in reflection, we realize something isn’t right? I will give you all the benefits of why having a personal or home clearing can be very helpful at that time: because sometimes we just need to explore our own options and eliminate things in our life that interfere or keep us blocked.

The benefits of having a home clearing can be found here. The benefits of a personal clearing will allow us to remove the cords (emotional and ethereal) that have been holding us back, most often from prior to the age of 7 when most of our patterns, behaviors and stories were created. Because we had a physical umbilical cord nourishing and nurturing us as fetuses, we create etheric cords that act in similar ways to most people in our lives, our family and intimate partners and to some extend co-workers, bosses and friends as well. A clearing allows us to start anew and change the old cords, patterns and stories that have become outdated from our childhood so that we can truly rebuild our foundations and create stronger ones. Either way – whether you have me do it, have someone else do it or you do it yourself – you still have to do the work yourself because everything happens within and nothing happens unless you allow it to.

So, what can we do ourselves? There are many things we can do before bringing in a professional and this will also assist you if you decide that you can’t do it on your own. Meditation, prayers (see links to some prayers I recommend) disciplines, commitment, music, crystals etc. – these can all assist us to keep clear. Choose an approach to keeping clear that resonates with you … and find your way. Find practices that still the mind, body, and spirit so you can hear the gentle guidance of the heart. Examine your reactions because how you respond in certain situations will help you understand yourself better.

Uncover how your limiting beliefs/habits/stories are holding you back and keeping you stuck. Reviewing these go a long way in understanding how you cope with life. Becoming aware of your reactions and responses to others helps you determine what responsibility you have – or are sharing – with your energy: are you blaming others, making judgments, needing to be ‘right’ to satisfy your ego? Are your emotions hijacking you? What are your stress triggers? There are so many questions that will help you understand what is influencing your energy. Once you determine what is influencing you the determination will assist you in becoming more aware how you are coping and what is affecting your energy. However, if you are always shifting it outside of you, please know that this is your Ego and you need to accept responsibility for your life and energy. Everything always comes from within you.

Here are some further tools that will assist you. When you learn how to shift from your head to your heart you can move towards acceptance, non-judgment and witness consciousness. This isn’t easy but it is simple. You learn to trust and accept everything as Divine in your life. When you can Live in Present Moment Awareness you can make breakthroughs as this is the only time you have the power to change anything in your life. Learning to break through your patterns and reactions to be in charge of your responses helps you to understand how things are impacting your energy. Trusting your Intuition and your Innate Inner Guidance is a wonderful tool to hearing that gentle voice within. Expressing your Authenticity, the natural soul essence of who you are, will allow you to BE who you are meant to be and grow towards the Divine essence of You.

In the book that was published “the Realities of Creation” – in my chapter on the Power of the Heart – I explored these tools and also offered ways to assist with understanding who you are. Obviously our energy and keeping it clear has to do with how we are showing up in our lives. Our internal and external queues affect how we relate in the world. Everything impacts our energy. Yet simply observing our thoughts, our behaviors, our patterns and stories will assist us to keep our energy clear.

One of the big things is remembering that this life is just one piece in the puzzle that is our soul. So we really need to give ourselves a break, be gentle on ourselves – and others – and create more awareness. We also need to take actual ‘breaks’ to refresh our energy and stop worrying about things so much like getting out my newsletter on the first of the month.

As I was reviewing a report the other day it was reminding me that not only a good night sleep was important but also relaxing and taking physical breaks from life are needed – and not just the ones that distract us like binging on Netflix. Following our intuition – especially when it reminds us that everything is Divine! And finding ways to be non-attached to outcomes and thereby letting go of the emotional charge with which situations present themselves to us. This doesn’t mean we are unauthentic or are somehow bypassing our lives.

But in all of us let’s remember that breathing is far more important than we usually realize. I recommend Heart Breathing and will be creating a post on this, with an audio meditation to assist (it will be linked to this blog when complete). And lastly, and it is really key to all this: get clear about what you really want. Often we just know what we don’t want but that’s not enough because these are very different things!

I also want to offer some things that can remove or shift your actual physical energy in this article about Energy Clearing. I often recommend having a salt water bath: putting two cups of salt into the bath water will energetically clear one’s physical body. This will have an effect similar to swimming in the ocean despite the fact that this is a luxury that most don’t have. Burning a beeswax candle for three hours is very good for your home and for your body. Using a Tibetan or crystal bowl or drumming can clear both house and person. Creating an alter for prayers in your home is a way of creating a discipline and intention within your home for honoring your Inner Self. Reading an inspiring book can shift your energy. Going for a walk on the grass or earth – barefoot – is great for grounding any energy in your body and while you do this imagine the earth accepting your energy almost like a waterfall moving through you – or imagine the energy going down through the roots of your inner tree.

Everyone has their own way to get their energy clear and often it is triggered by recognizing that there is a problem first. Sometimes we are so embroiled in life we are too caught up to see how it is affecting ourselves. We can always offer up everything to the Divine within us – or outside of us – (as long as we believe this will work) and Let GO. What is your way of keeping your energy clear? Let’s play together.

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