Oct 2012 Newsletter ~ Transformation

Happy Fall And Transformation

This past month has been an interesting month for me, getting a major “pharma hack” on my website, is encouraging me to transform my website once again. This site, as beautiful as it has been, has had a myriad of problems almost from day one. I’m promised that my new site will be even better, and certainly more secure and easier to maneuver around! Plus, I have had so many other issues come up… I knew that “Transformation” was the key to this fall, and we choose whether we step bravely and gently, or well… as I typically do everything, kicking and screaming! My shows with Nancy Arruda (www.universalsky.com) have shed some light on the astrological events happening, I recommend you listening to them to keep up on what is happening in the skies that are impacting us!

Some inspiring news is that my statistics for my 3 shows weekly have steadily increased over the past 3 years from just over 2,000 per show, to a weekly audience of over 155,000. Which means, if I can find someone, I might be able to sell some commercial space on my shows. There may also be some changes to my Mon show beginning next month. Which means I may have some space for some more co-hosts. If you know anyone that inspires you, let me know.

My Inspiration for this month:
I thought the 2nd half of 2012 was going to be easier, but this past month has proven that we seem to be escalating once again and transformation is the key word for where we are heading this fall and into the end of the year. It seems that everyone I have been speaking with is feeling the pressure once more. Our second hit of Pluto square Uranus (Sept 19th) seemed to show us the patterns of ours that are up for a change. It appears we don’t have much choice if we want to take brave new steps towards our future, transformation is the only choice.

We are being asked to let go of our painful choices, like our choice to poison ourselves (which encompasses far more than we may realize). We make all sorts of terrible choices in our lives without looking at the reasons why or what unconscious beliefs we may hold that continue to play out in our lives, that contribute to the overall destruction of our lives and that of the planet’s. We keep forgetting that change must begin with us. If we want to change our world, we must look at what we are doing in our own lives that contributes to our own destruction.

Poisons are an interesting area to look at, I refer not only to our food choices, like sugar, wheat, dairy and meats full of hormones, but our choices around work, and our choices in transportation and how this may impact our health, the health of others and the environment. We need to look at all the stressors in our lives that not only poison ourselves, but this energy also radiates out to our planet!

We also are being asked to look at our commitments to our Beingness/lives. I have realized that I have wanted change, but have not been fully committed to allowing it with an open heart.

So transformation is going to occur either gently or through kicking and screaming (my preferred method LOL). Because we evolve or die. Our Soul needs to evolve towards love, or we either spiritually and/or physically get stuck and this creates a death or transformation. I just never realized I had so many choices around dying or thriving. I never saw that my commitment to thriving was marred by my not seeing or believing there were other options. I believe that if I was more conscious of my choices, that if I could take responsibility for everything that happens and choose from a place of Love, not only for myself but also for others, that my options would open up and become infinite. Instead, I find myself living from unconscious beliefs that I have held for many lives and these beliefs influence how my life is played out, appearing that I have no choice and making me feel like a victim.

If everything happens for a reason, then what these past few years have shown me is that somewhere in my numerous past lives, I didn’t trust in the Divine love and support of this world. That somewhere I lost my faith that friends and God would nurture and keep me safe. And for this to change, I have to review all my choices, even the ones that don’t appear to be my choice. Because if I’m committed to thriving then I have to be conscious of everything in my life and all the patterns that appear that show where I’m not in alignment with my soul’s desire to evolve towards Love (which continues to show up in my life).

How is transformation showing up in your life?

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