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fallHappy American Thanksgiving!

Well October proved to be a lot more intense than we originally expected. Everyone’s fears came up to meet them and then some! For me it was Halloween evening, a sad day, when the veils were so thin, my dear brother slipped easily into the light, letting go of all his pain and suffering as he went. However, it was too quick a loss for those left behind. My only grace was being there with him, my sister and one of his sons. We all experience grief and fears and we just need to remember that even in death it allows just another gift and opportunity to heal! And Jean Adrienne channeled a perfect message about why grief is so difficult (last night’s Heart Centered Support Group call) we feel the connection to ‘home’ that we miss so dearly!

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What’s Up in the Universal Sky this month:
The beginning of this month is all about growth.  You may already be feeling it, the poke, the push, the nudge to get you up, and moving.  Are you sitting too comfortably?  Are you being forced out of your comfort zone?  Oh, yes, Jupiter opposite Chiron (November 3rd, 2016) is asking you to grow through healing.  Can you see the truth before you eyes?  How can you move forward with strength and courage?  Step outside of your comfort zone to see what is prohibiting you from expanding.  What do you need to heal so that you can evolve and expand the nature of your true talents?  You will be thankful for this experience once the growth has been attained.  Jupiter inconjunct Uranus (November 5, 2015) is asking us to let go of the old in order to embrace the new.  Release old visions and goals that are no longer working, so that you can embrace your new path.  This can be difficult or exciting; it all depends on your perspective.

As we move to mid month, it is suggested that you follow your hunches.  Psychic and intuitive experiences seem to be in the forefront . On November 18 as Neptune stations direct, it is asking you “what do you need to do in life?”.  How is your soul projecting you forward as it pertains to being truthful to the self?  As you serve humanity, while honouring the self, how are you being born again?  Neptune may be confusing us at this time but raise above the confusion so that you can understand how your soul is asking you to master the illusion of life.

Towards the end of November, there is a desire to create as Chiron stations direct (November 26th).  After such a confusing connection to the soul aspect and your path of service to humanity, one must rely on their own subjective natures to guide their current pathway.  Now that Chiron has stationed direct, we are being asked to disconnect from our souls guidance and subject our self to our personal, individual, and instinctive nature as you create your desired reality.

Enjoy the month of November, and for more insight into the energy of this month, Listen to “News from the Heart” with Laurie Huston and Nancy Arruda as they discuss the astrology of November and December 2015.
Nancy Arruda is a psychic-intuitive who uses the tools of Astrology and Tarot to gain understanding into the spiritual realms.  She believes in focusing on doing what you love to do.  Living life through your heart center and allowing your inner light to shine!  Visit her at

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masksWhat Masks do you wear?

As we just completed the Halloween holiday my attention was focusing on the masks we wear! I completed an interview with Tom Campbell recently and masks came up as a theme. I feel that this ‘masks’ theme will also be covered with Christopher Papadopoulos Nov 10th airing Nov 16th.

One of my thoughts around this theme is that we wear masks all the time as we try to be – or hope to be – someone other’s will like and appreciate. You know the masks I’m talking about: the ‘family’ masks we wear to try and please others in the family; the ‘relationship’ masks we wear to our significant other so that they won’t ‘leave us’; the ‘work’ masks we wear when we dislike our job/co-worker/boss etc. We find all sorts of different ways to wear a mask believing that our masked self is who people want to see. The problem is if we wear a mask long enough we get stuck in it. We can’t be authentic by dropping the masks to the people we know well and maybe even love because how do we change now after having worn the mask so long? Or we may forget our authentic self completely and just keep wearing the masks!

Another thought I had about masks as we celebrated Halloween is that people can often be more authentic when they dress up and participate in Halloween. We also do this with alcohol and vacations. Why is it we can feel comfortable BEing our authentic selves with some makeup to hide who we are, with some alcohol to give us courage to BE who we are, or with a vacation where we can experiment with pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones into our authentic selves or is it just because we are in a different place where no one knows us so we are able to BE our authentic selves?

Fear is the problem that we try to resolve through masks and it is courage that we require to free us from our masks or fear. Fear definitely is the culprit that helps us create our masks. We are afraid that we aren’t enough as we are and that we must be nicer, friendlier, and more aloof to hide our insecurities. And ultimately we are trying to be happier to please other people so that they will ‘like’ us and not ‘leave’ us!

The thing with happiness is that it isn’t something we can pretend. And it isn’t something outside of us. It comes from our ‘BEing’ level! It comes from who we are authentically. If fear prohibits us from being Who we are, authentically, and courage is what will eventually allow us to be our authentic self, then why are masks used to make us feel safe?

I believe what happens is that we are unconsciously driven by our fears and we eventually walk around like sleepwalkers, unaware that we pretend to be someone else. As children we were naturally authentic and often didn’t care about what others thought of us but this fear crept in as we were disciplined and punished for BEing who we are. It became so ingrained in us to BE this person who would win approval that we kept on the masks that won approval and this ‘stuck’ on us and we became the masked person and forgot our authentic self.

We experiment with different masks on occasions such as Halloween, or in alcohol-infused situations, or on vacations and we have more courage, and as a result are more authentic, with these masks on. It is also probable that people use Halloween (masquerade) parties, alcohol and drugs, and even vacations to distract themselves from feeling uncomfortable about their lives as well as to give themselves courage. These distracting behaviours can be expressions of addictions and although I’m not going to delve into our ‘addictions’ in this article it is still worth mentioning because it is fear that pushes us to resort to addictions just as it is fear that makes us reach for masks.

I believe we want to experiment to remember who we are. And as we experiment we feel like we don’t have to worry that others will judge us when we wear an actual mask on Halloween or when we are ‘under the influence’ of alcohol, or are on vacation when we won’t be recognized and won’t be seeing again the people we meet. Ultimately these occasions assist us to feel safe BEing who we are.

So how can we remove our masks and be more authentic just as we may be on Halloween, under the influence of alcohol, or on vacation? I believe it will only happen when we are aware of what we are truly afraid of and breathe into our fears to see that they aren’t real but only part of our ‘story’. It can only happen if we choose to authentically feel into our bodies instead of avoiding feeling uncomfortable. It will happen when we get quiet and connect to the ‘now’ moment and with our body’s innate wisdom. It will happen when we feel safe inside enough to BE who we are. It will happen when we practice BEing our authentic self and not worrying about feeling judged for BEing who we are!

We can do this and perhaps instead of seeing these masks as a distraction we can allow our awareness of these masks to transport us towards our growth. And we can allow our Halloween experiences and our ‘vacation time’ to magically carry us into new opportunities to practice BEing authentic. Let’s have fun with this and celebrate our uniqueness!

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