May Newsletter 2019-Past Lives

What a crazy Spring we have been having!? We had snow and freezing rain on April 29th here. However, for the most part Spring is here and likely the short spring will turn into summer before we reach Solstice next month. Unfortunately, that still leaves allergy season regardless – and the only thing I have ascertained is that if I stay away from dairy the season is less disruptive. Oh sure I still get some symptoms but they are better if not aggravated with dairy. 

There isn’t a lot going on with Astrology this month and Nancy is still in moving limbo until next month she moves to her new home – we will have an interview this month so stay tuned to catch up on What’s happening in the Universal Sky. Go Here to get more info when Nancy has her Blog Up.
Nancy Arruda is a psychic-intuitive who uses the tools of Astrology and Tarot to gain understanding into the spiritual realms.  She believes in focusing on doing what you love to do.  Living life through your heart center and allowing your inner light to shine!  Visit her at

Inspiration: Past Lives

Recently I have been thinking a lot about past lives: why are they fleeting memories; why we chose to forget them; is there anything significant to learn by them; or are they just a distraction? The question is: I wonder if our past lives assist us to Grow Up towards Love or distract us from living this life because they trigger our fears or possibly overwhelm us? Some people believe that once we have evolved our consciousness to a certain point – our past lives will aid our growth towards Love. I’m doing an interview with Tom Campbell at the end of this month about Virtual Realities and Past Lives as an ongoing series of VR from Tom’s perspective. And therefore this brings me to contemplating people, places and situations that we encounter and these in turn trigger feelings encouraged by past lives.

So do our past lives assist us with this life? We are here to grow and the Larger Consciousness System (Tom’s explanation of Source, Akashic Records, or God from a scientific perspective) is here to assist us. Clearly there is a reason we chose to forget our past lives and there is no way to prove whether our glimpses into a past life is really ours or if we are connecting in with the LCS or Akasic Records and downloading information from another life whether ours or someone else’s. From the perspective of Growth it could be argued both ways that either remembering or forgetting our Past Lives could help us grow. However, if we have numerous lives – thousands – would it benefit us to remember? Especially considering the fear we have accumulated from these past lives because the Earth wasn’t as evolved and only recently have we moved to a place where there is enough Love to make a difference on our planet.

Often I see the exploration of Past Lives to be a distraction. We can get so caught up in these glimpses into the past – whether significant or not – that they just distract us from our work here. For example if we connected into a life where we were important and had a name we could now research and discover who we were does this help or does it hinder us by focusing on something that creates more fear rather than love? We all want to believe we have been significant and notable in the past especially if we don’t feel we are making a difference in this life. This is all wrapped around our purpose: we are here to make a difference and to grow up towards Love. If we feel like we have lost our purpose or if we have become stuck then we don’t feel worthy and loveable. Could this be the problem? This feeling of being unworthy and unlovable creates fear instead of helping us grow towards love and we become depressed rather than thriving so we look for ways to feel better and put energy into our past. I think one of the biggest problems is that we put our focus into areas that distract us from feeling uncomfortable. This is where knowing about Past Lives becomes a distraction. Read More…

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