May Newsletter 2015: What’s Your Perception?

Happy May!

I’m excited to have Nancy Arruda from UniversalSky writing our astrology for the month (we will have a live Hangouts on May 6th @ 1pm EST)! You can find that below. I’m excited that Eric Altman’s Support Group is really gaining momentum and we have created some great shows together. If you are serious about your Journey, and want to bring more “fun” back into your life, I highly recommend joining our support group, or at the very least listening to our shows!

I’m excited that we have finally sprung into Spring! We’ve had some days in the 20’s (70’s Fahrenheit), the trees have buds and the Magnolia trees are just about to bloom… my favorite tree!

What’s Up in the Universal Sky this month:
The Month of May, starting with the grounded energy of the Sun Taurus and ending with the duality of the Sun in Gemini!  The highlight this month is not always seen as a ‘highlight’, but rather, what some have come to dread.  Mercury stations retrograde on May 18th, 2015 at 9:49 PM EDT.  Mercury will be stationing Retrograde at 13 degrees of Gemini 08 minutes.  In his ruling sign, the trickster comes out to play, in full force, mixing up communications.  Why do we dread him so much?  He is here to teach us something, something about clarity, and how you are using your consciousness.  How many times do you speak clearly?  Do you think before you speak? Can you clearly define what it is that you desire in life?  Are you clear about everything that takes place in your thoughts?  Do you even pay attention to most of your thoughts going through y our head?  Probably not!  So why get angry when Mercury Retrograde asks you to define and clarify your thoughts or communications?  Why is it his fault?  Lets look at what this particular Mercury Retrograde is asking us… We are being asked to be more conscious.  A desire to transform our consciousness in understanding that we are all interconnected and that we communicate all the time, with the spoken and unspoken word.  What is the unspoken word?  How often do you have a thought only to find someone else is mentioning to you before you do?  Have you ever looked at how you can communicate with someone without even saying a word?  Heightened intuition is coming into play, the question is do you trust your intuition or not?  This Mercury Retrograde is asking you to get clear in your mind.  Think of your thoughts as the unspoken words that others can hear.  Do you want people listening into your thoughts?  Why should you say in your head what you would not want anyone to hear outside of your head?  If you desire to be living in a healthy, light, aligned, spiritual, and integral way, then take a look at your thoughts.  Are they clear?  Are they in alignment with what you desire to create?  Are they serving your highest good? Are they serving your highest aspirations?  This May, it is time to get clear!  Are you ready???

For those of you who would like the technical data… Mercury will enter into its pre shadow period on May 5th!  Start listening to your thoughts…look around you and see how they are manifesting or how they have already manifested!  Mercury will station retrograde on May 18th and station direct on June 11 at 4 degrees of Gemini (still dealing with consciousness and the mind).  Post shadow is complete on June 27th.  What did you learn???
Nancy Arruda is a psychic-intuitive who uses the tools of Astrology and Tarot to gain understanding into the spiritual realms.  She believes in focusing on doing what you love to do.  Living life through your heart center and allowing your inner light to shine!  Visit her at

On May 7th at 4pm EST, I will be a co-host with Jean Adrienne on her show Power Talk on It’s live so call in on 800-555-5453! We are on every first Thurs of the month!

My Inspiration:

ID-10028347This month, I have been reviewing my perceptions and the perceptions of those around me. By perceptions I mean our thoughts about what others or ourselves are believing about what is happening in the world around us. I have noticed that I have been slipping into perceiving incorrectly and I have been bringing it up for discussion. I discussed this first with Jean Adrienne and later Eric Altman and I delved into it.

We tend to get very confused around the two, often separated, views in our world: on the one side we have the views of our ‘human aspect’ or ‘human nature’: the views of the inner child who strives to be right or the ego that creates disharmony in our lives and on the other side we have the views of the more enlightened and evolved ‘higher aspect’ or ‘higher nature’ of ourselves which we call our intuition,  our higher self,  our soul, or our BEing. The human nature, often referred to as the lower nature, doesn’t necessarily view things the same as our higher nature.

The thing that Eric and I discussed at length on my show was that we aren’t two different pieces, higher and lower nature, we are one. What we see as conflicting are aspects of our one nature and each of these aspects is truly just as important as the other. We are human beings that are having a spiritual experience, but we are also having a human experience. We’re not here to choose sides – we are here to find a way to bring them together and make them whole!

People who try to convince us that for us to BE evolved in this world we must transcend the ego are delusional. It is like trying to pretend that we have a million dollars when we can’t pay the rent. It is denying the aspect of ourselves that is here experiencing this world, the emotional richness of this world. The other aspect that is our BEing, our higher nature, is most helpful when we give this part of ourselves the opportunity to participate in a grounded and centered ‘vehicle’, our bodies. To think that we can just fly off to some higher nature world without being grounded and centered is equally delusional. The higher nature and the lower nature are both an essential aspect of our oneness – and every bit as important.

When it comes to perceptions, this is the human aspect of us that comes to light. It is that part of us that feels like we must defend ourselves, prove that we are right, or hide our vulnerabilities by reacting as if we are invulnerable. Whenever we are reacting, we have slipped (or separated) into our humanness and it is best to recognize this. We are human; we need not try to pretend we are anything but. However, to let this human aspect rule our lives is the opposite of what we are desiring – if we want to grow into love. [Laurie, do we want to ‘grow into love’ or ‘grow in love’? There MAY be a distinction here … and … unless EVERY blog refers to love in this way, you may want to introduce the concept of ‘love’ earlier in the article … to set the stage for this … to show that ‘love’ is the goal, the purpose, of all life and living – or whatever the heck love is all about (where’s Tina Turner at a time like this when  we are asking “What’s Love All About?”. BTW: by introducing ‘love’ here … you may want to consider adding it to the latter part of this article.]

When we aren’t recognizing our perceptions then we blame others for how we are feeling. We make our dis-ease into the person opposite us, our job, our employers, our friends and/or our family. We hope that instead of taking responsibility for our discomfort we can displace it onto someone or something else. We are afraid of seeing our own vulnerabilities, our own pain and fears. We have this belief that life is too much of a struggle and to actually touch these waters is to drown in our pain.

Earlier this month in a support group call Eric discussed the idea that “if you aren’t getting what you want then you don’t love yourself”. Therein lies our biggest problem: our lack of self-esteem,  confidence,  and self-love are what create our perceptions about life to go askew. We react from a place of low self-esteem or it may show up as the opposite, arrogance… yet either way it comes from a place of judging self or others. It comes from fear instead of love.

Think of an example where you are blaming someone else for your discomfort. This could be with a lover, and ex-lover, a work colleague, friend, or family member where something has occurred that you have perceived that you were betrayed, hurt, angry about, or where something has “happened” to you. Everything you are feeling in this situation is perception. You have taken something that happened and made it personal and made it about you. Therefore you have placed the blame on someone else for this occurrence, for your feeling this way. You may feel this has made you depressed or contributed to your already low self-esteem. However, no matter what, it is your perception of what has “happened” to you that has created an inner story and likely a story that you have been playing since you were a child.

When a story keeps playing in your life, you know the pattern is there to assist you to evolve towards love. However, what I am inviting you to become conscious about is that what you believed happened is not the motivation of the other people but rather you replaying your story: that in fact, the other person or people involved have their own story replaying in their ego and these people are as caught up as you are; that these people also just want to feel loved; and these people are also reacting to their own story, not trying to play into yours. And that if these people were conscious, they would be able to explain why they did what they did and that it had nothing to do with you.

What I invite you to ponder is what your underlying fear is? What moves you to react? What emotion are you trying to defer, distract or escape from that is the real problem? And if you could realize that by projecting it onto someone else you are not accepting your human side and that diving into this emotion would quickly disperse the fears, the emotions, and, in fact, even the perceptions – once the answers to these questions are identified.

It is never as unpleasant as we believe. It would empower you to see what is real and true. This is just adding to your story and you can discover that all the others that you are blaming, are as innocent as you are … or as human!

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