March 2011 Newsletter ~ Practices for Receiving the Gentle Guidance of the Soul

Hello Wonderful Friends!!
We may have woken to something like 10 cms of snow Sunday morning, but I feel like spring is right around the corner!!! And that makes me feel excited! You may have noticed a couple of changes on my website, I have a new Toll Free number for everyone that is not in the GTA and lives in North America. It is 1-855-444-SOUL (7685). For everyone in the GTA it is still the same 416-690-6391. I also raised my prices, which will only impact new clients. If you are a regular client, your prices will remain in effect.

This month I want to discuss practices to receiving the Gentle Voice of Soul. When it comes to receiving guidance, especially the gentle guidance of our soul, we all are quite unique. I have expanded my understanding of how our intuition works and therefore our ability to receive information from Soul. There are still the clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient (feeling) and claircognizant (knowing), however, I believe we also can expand these senses through our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual ways of experiencing our information.

How well we understand ourselves and how we learn, will assist us in understanding how we receive information and guidance. When we were young, the school system primarily used visual and auditory methods to teach us. For those of us who are empathic or download and just “know” information, this system failed us. Recently I encountered an author, Sherrie Dillard, (to listen to our interview, click here!) who expands into how we receive information through our subtle bodies. To me, this suggests, we are expanding both clairsentience and claircognizance, as this has become much more prevalent in the past 20 years. My belief is that more and more people are clairsentient and claircognizant. This has allowed for us to move from our third eye to our hearts, where we are becoming more “heart centered”.

So, understanding first how Soul speaks to you will be important to how you receive information. I have found Soul to express itself very gently, through nudges of passion, joy and excitement. For me, these emotions indicate that inner urge to explore the source of this passion, joy and excitement. I typically have to be quiet, and go within. Find that space that allows me to feel at “home”. If I am reacting from fear, or am stressed, out of sorts, or confused, I will miss the gentle nudges of the Soul.

We all have different ways we can receive this information. Some people meditate by walking, or connecting with nature, others require many senses to be occupied; eg. with incense, music, bath, candles, warm tea. Finding your preferred method will assist you to receive Soul’s messages.

Emotional people experience life with their hearts wide open. Mental people don’t use their mind as much as they receive a higher guidance from consciousness. Physical people feel through their bodies. Spiritual people experience an energetic vibration. Engaging any of these primary energetic bodies will allow you to experience Soul more effectively.

Once you understand yourself and can identify your primary ways of receiving guidance, you then have to practice. Through practice comes trust. Trust is next months topic.

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March is about Hearing the Gentle Guidance of the Soul month on my CBS Intuitive Soul show, you can email or call in your questions!! Join me for live Readings all month on the topics below!
Mar 2 Practices for Receiving the Gentle Guidance of the Soul
Mar 9 Mark Borax, author of Cosmic Weather Report
Mar 16 Using your Intuition to Hear the Gentle Guidance of the Soul
Mar 23 Clearing your energy to Hear the Gentle Guidance of the Soul
Mar 30 Reviewing and elaborating on Practices for Receiving the Gentle Guidance of the Soul

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Mar 10th – Interview with Dr Thomas Campbell,

Mar 17th – Marc Allen, author of The Greatest Secret of All,

Mar 31st – Gregg Korbon, author of Beyond Reason,

My Heart’s Way group will start more groups in 2011 to work through the 8 steps of my new program “A Heart’s Way: How to Align with your Soul’s Purpose and Manifest your True Dreams. Below is the 8 steps we will cover. Let me know if you are interested in Finding your Heart’s Way. Private coaching is also available for this program. Also, Jean Adrienne and I will be offering a 6 week Teleclass coming SOON on this great information!
1.Get Clear about what you really want.
2.Uncover how limiting beliefs/habits/stories hold you back and keep you stuck.
3.Live in Present Moment Awareness. Break through your patterns and reactions to be in charge of your responses.
4.Shift from your head to your heart with the tools that lead to acceptance, non-judgment and witness consciousness.
5.Practices that still the Mind, Body and Spirit. Hear the gentle guidance of the Heart.
6.Trusting your Intuition and your Innate Inner Guidance.
7.Begin to Express your Authenticity, the natural soul essence of who you are.
8.Align with your Soul Purpose, where you can feel more confident, empowered, and live from inner happiness to manifest your true dreams.

With Love and an Open Heart,