Mar 2012 Newsletter ~ Change & New Beginnings: Love or Fear

As we come to the end of the “Winter that wasn’t”… and approach spring, it always makes me think of New Beginnings and Changes. We all seem to want them and are inspired to imagine creating them; however, if we are on the road to authenticity and desire to come from a place of the Heart and love versus a place of the Head (ego/mind), are these desires for new beginnings and/or change, coming from a place of love or fear?

For the past couple of years, I have been inviting you to come from a more authentic place. One of the Heart and Love, versus coming from our heads, where fear is prevalent. Being more authentic suggests not reacting out of fear, but questioning why you are making these decisions. It suggests that we become conscious of who we really are? Instead of just making decisions to please others or from a place that our childhood self perceived was “safe”.

Approach change in the same authentic, heart centered way. We often want changes in our career, relationships, health or finances, and sometimes all of these areas. What is your reason for wanting a new beginning or change in your life? People often want a new job, because they don’t like the one they have. Yet when we explore why they don’t like it, it often has to do with conflicts at work. Conflicts in relationships. Their boss is giving them a hard time, there is petty gossip that they are the subject of, or someone has betrayed them. This is the same in relationships, health etc.

What I have learned over and over again is that Love is about giving, not getting. It is about how much we can give love, not controlling our circumstances. Fear seems to be about what I can “get”. The Secret has taught us that we can create anything we desire, but I have found that essentially we are trying to control our creations and desiring out of fear instead of a place of love.

If we are here to expand our awareness and grow spiritually towards love, then we need to learn to respond from our hearts, not our ego/minds. To truly desire change from a place of love, we have to give love. We have to come from a place of unconditional giving. Change from love would come from being in service to others, and having no expectations of what we would “get” as a result of our giving.

Why do you want change or a new beginning in your life? How could you approach this from a place of love versus fear?

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