Letting Go- Responsibility 05/02/09

Responsibility is often perceived as a negative action, this is due to our limited definition of the word.

It probably was a result of the negative perception of how the world has manipulated and controlled us. Those who are responsible to us. We have battled this definition and control for many life times. We have been both the victim and the victor. This life seems to be about understanding the difference and feeling the freedom that responsibility allows. Would you rather someone else have the ability to ‘do’ something to you? Or know that when something feels like it has been ‘done’ to us, it is our own unconscious beliefs, patterns, or actions that have created this reaction? Is it not more empowering to realize that every situation that we experience is a situation that we are responsible for? That we can choose to react unconsciously and feel restriction/pain/suffering or we can breathe, examine our reaction and make a choice on healing something we are unaligned with. We then cam make a choice to consciously choose again. Nothing is by coincidence or by error; no experience is any ones fault or blame; nothing can truly cause you suffering or pain, except when you are unconsciously reacting. As the observer, in the ever present moment, we experience life as opportunities to choose. Choose how to react or act; see the perfection in each moment; see the gift in every experience and to see God within you. See that God within, is setting up experiences for you to heal and the people to mirror your inner wounds that require healing, so that you can Let go of the pain, suffering and fears we wanted to release to become our own God/Goddess within.
It is amazing how if we really can let go, truly surrender and heal our pain that we are holding onto, we allow the other person to heal too.(Of course it has nothing to do with whether the other person can heal, because if you can heal the issue, it won’t have a triggering reaction any longer and you won’t be stuck in a pattern. The healing that is required, never has anything to do with anyone else, just YOU!) Then the other person can really come back in your life as a healthy relationship, or give the space for someone else even better to come into your life. It is never beneficial for you to hold onto a specific person. If you hold on, neither one of you can do the healing of the contract you choose to play out with each other. We really have no idea the power of surrender, it transforms not only ourselves, but releases the contract that holds the other person in pain and suffering too. This allows the contracts you both had to be released and transformed.

We seem to have no idea how powerful our own healing is, to ourselves and to the world!! Sometimes it is considered selfish to spend time on ourselves, yet this is really the only work we need to do. Our own work is more powerful than assisting others to heal. When we heal ourselves, we no longer are triggered by others.

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