Letting Go- Forgiveness 05/02/09

Being able to say: I am sorry; I Love You; I forgive you; I thank you and I accept you, is a powerful exercise that will allow you to truly forgive and be grateful for every experience in your life.

The power of forgiveness, true forgiveness, allows you to be grateful for the gift and to let go. Once we do this for everyone, including ourselves, we can truly heal and then create a life full of unconditional love.

True forgiveness is often confused, where we think we have forgiven someone or ourselves. However, it is within our mind, versus our heart. And we find we are still playing out the pain of the event, albeit it may be lessened. When it is true forgiveness, we feel only love for the gift of the experience and the person in our life. When we truly surrender, we are giving it to God, the higher power that exists within each and everyone of us, as well as a higher aspect. When we need to forgive someone it is because we forgot that we were God expressing ourselves in this experience and that the other was also God expressing for US to heal! We need to be able to feel/know/see/hear this expression to truly forgive another and our self! We need to be able to surrender to the higher part of our self that does recognize God within and without (within those outside of our experience).

We often forget that the outside is a reflection of what we focus on within. If we are unconscious, then unconscious experiences seem to ‘happen’ to us. Once we start to accept responsibility for everything outside of us. We become aware of how we react to outside experiences. We become aware of our inner reactions. And we realize that we ultimately are responsible for our experiences. This is crucial to understand the difference between responsibility versus blame. Responsibility, is freeing not limiting and blame, blaming our self or another is restrictive and the ego game.

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