Letting Go- Blame 05/02/09

When we are stuck in blame, anger, pain, or fear, we are often blaming someone else for our pain or blaming ourselves for our pain. We need to be able to forgive!

Often a person, or situation needs to be forgiven and/or ourselves. When we feel a misgiving was done to us; when we feel someone did something to us, that caused us pain, suffering or fear; we are stuck and unable to move forward. Forgiveness is necessary, even though, there is nothing to forgive, as every action has been contracted by us, prior to us coming into this life. (This may be a stretch for many people to understand or believe. Why would we contract pain and suffering into our experience? We actually are wanting to experience healing on many levels, multi-dimensions, and chose our issues we want to work on prior to coming into this life. The reason we would choose this is to grow and heal past experiences, so that we can become healthy, whole individuals. We choose our experiences to face our darkest shadows and bring us into more enlightened states of consciousness.) Every experience where we have perceived pain, hurt, fear, we contracted in our life, to learn and heal from a certain experience. We asked our soul mates (people from our soul group) to assist us to grow and heal certain experiences, then we forgot, and when they fulfilled their contract, we blamed them! We forgot their contract, and they very likely were also unaware or unconscious of their contract with us. We are also unconscious of what we were contracted for on behalf of the other person, which would be a completely different experience. And sometimes once a contract is fulfilled there is no reason for this person in your life or vice versa. With relationships there are always at least two people and free will. We have no control over another, only ourselves. The biggest problem here is that sometimes we let go, with a condition, that they will heal and come back, which isn’t really letting go. Sometimes our greatest fear in doing this work is that we will all be alone, this is our abandonment issue and often our greatest fear, that God would leave us all alone on this tiny planet of over 6 billion people! Yet, sometimes, once you both have an opportunity to heal, you can remain in the relationship, and learn what a healthy relationship is, unconditional and without lessons. So, the lesson is, that we should be thanking them and releasing them from this contract. Then forgiving them (and us) for having them have to play out their role that was to assist us in our own healing, and quite likely there’s as well. We need to find the gift in each experience of pain, suffering and fear and thank, forgive and surrender to the gift each experience has brought us, by embracing our lessons and our experiences. Discovering the gift each person and experience has brought us, frees us from the suffering we often become attached to.

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