Letting Go- Acceptance 05/02/09

Acceptance, is the final piece, in letting go and surrendering.

This is the one last and crucial piece. We have to accept our shadow side and accept who we are! Stuffing away a shadow, that is us or who we are, isn’t healing it. Embracing that we are a spiritual being having a Human experience, with human emotions, will allow us to take responsibilities for our reactions and choose our responses. Instead of unconsciously reacting, we respond to situations and come from a place of the observer. We are in the present Now Moment. Instead, lately, we are often taught detachment as a spiritual practice. Sometimes this is important, and sometimes it creates a spiritual bypass. When you observe a child, they can get angry, even have a temper tantrum for a couple of minutes, which is more embarrassing to the parent than the child! Then, once they get out their frustration of being a child and not being understood or heard and they voice their pain, they let it go. We don’t! We not only don’t express it, we stuff it down. And now, we stuff it down because we are ‘better’ than that and judge others. This is spiritual ego, spiritual bypass, and is almost as damaging as our addictions. We need to be real, speak our truth, regardless of who or how it might hurt. We need a voice, even if it is just written for God’s eyes and our own and maybe someone’s higher self. We need to be able to express our self so we can accept that we are having a human experience. Then we can embrace all of our life with the richness of emotions!! This does not mean letting our emotions rule us, but rather embracing the richness of this experience and feeling our way towards healthy relationships, within our self and outside of us. Accepting all that life has to offer, and enjoying life’s richness. Learning to dance this dance called life!

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