Happy New Year 2021: Angel Message FAITH
Holiday 2020 Newsletter: Consciousness of Gratitude
Oct 2020 – What a Year
Feb 2020 Newsletter – Love Month
January 2020 Newsletter – 20:20 Vision
Dec Newsletter 2019 – Christmas Wish
Oct Newsletter 2019 ~ Fear and Health
Sept Newsletter 2019 ~ Ego Consciousness
Jul-Aug Newsletter 2019 ~ In Fear We Trust
May Newsletter 2019-Past Lives
Apr Newsletter 2019 – Motivation
Mar Newsletter 2019: Growing up through Fears
Jan 2019 Newsletter: Year of Claiming
Dec 2018 Newsletter: Finding Peace
Nov 2018 Newsletter: BEing is a Choice
Oct 2018 Newsletter: Understanding Failure and Responsibility
Sept 2018 Newsletter: Emotions & Core Beliefs
June 2018 Newsletter: Living with Filters
May 2018 Newsletter: Expectations and Attachments
Apr 2018 Newsletter: Feelings vs Emotions
Mar 2018 Newsletter: Heart-Centered Intentions
Feb 2018 Newsletter: Contemplating Love
Jan 2018 Newsletter: Year of Mastery and Love
Dec Newsletter 2017: Holiday Magic and Worthiness
Nov Newsletter 2017: Shifting Victim Consciousness
Oct Newsletter 2017: Keeping your Energy Clear
Sept Newsletter 2017: Letting GO – Is it a Choice?
July & August Newsletter 2017: Transitions
June Newsletter 2017: From ME to Unconditional Love and Acceptance
May Newsletter 2017: Happiness – Conscious Relationships

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