July Newsletter 2013 ~ What I learned from a year and a half of Frozen Shoulders

Happy Canada Day and Memorial Day Week!

I have been noticing that this summer has been quiet, it is due to Jupiter going into Cancer for a year, that began on June 25th, then Mercury Retrograde on the 26th, all beginning with the Super Full moon on the 23rd. It has been a crazy ride. I hope all my friends in Calgary and area are well! Be gentle to yourselves and enjoy the summer weather. It is so short!

If you have been following my journey into Health and Well-being, you know that I began a Dietless Slimming Program this spring. It is the most complete program because it incorporates Mind, Body and Spirit. Armand Dupuis has studied Wellness and Dieting for decades and has brought a program that is simple and effective. To find out more about this complete program that is valued at $500 for FREE go to www.Dietless.info and listen to our 3 shows that we have done in the archives www.intuitivesoul.com/radio/radio-show-archives This has been a challenging month of growth, so I have taken a bit of a break, but feel ready to chart my progress once again. Stay tuned…

My Inspiration this month came from a friend who wanted to know what I had learned from my experience with Frozen Shoulders:

JUIMRF-00016273-001I’ve learned a lot in past year and a half. It started slightly earlier when I discovered that I had heavy metal poisoning. Searching for the cause became the catalyst to an intense period of learning about myself. First I began noticing all of the symptoms and effects like: weight gain, lethargy/exhaustion, itchy skin, Candida, frozen shoulders, hormonal changes, etc. Many professionals claimed they could heal me by uncovering the cause. They explained to me that it is the cause that creates all the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual effects and if my problems hadn’t healed it was because I hadn’t uncovered the true cause.

Engaging in this process and looking for the true cause of my symptoms lead me on an incredible journey of discovery. I uncovered many unconscious beliefs and patterns, deep core wounds and decisions I made as a child newly born and some still in the womb, and core lessons I chose to experience in this life from numerous past lives on this planet and others. I kept going deeper and deeper into my unconscious to help me understand why I created these symptoms in hope of alleviating the discomfort and pain. My life had felt so stagnant and I was hopeful that by following this process of self-discovery that I would find the answers I needed in order to move forward in my life.

Of course there is nothing like physical pain as a motivator! In the beginning, up to and including last summer, I had never experienced such pain. As time went on and I passed through the different stages of Frozen Shoulders, my pain eased; however, my motivation never wavered. I was determined to heal, fix, understand, analyze, control and manipulate my life to stop creating these symptoms.

I uncovered incredible stories and decisions I had made in the past that continue to affect me! Despite all of the discoveries I made about the driving force of my subconscious, not once did they appear to be alleviating any of the symptoms I was experiencing. I learned pretty early on that just changing my mind wasn’t impacting anything. Also, changing my focus from stopping the pain to focusing on Optimal Health and well-being wasn’t changing anything either. I knew that my focus on validating my outside world by needing my symptoms to be alleviated was definitely a part of the problem. I found it difficult to not focus on the pain or weight loss (things clearly outside of me) when I still could feel pain and my weight wasn’t dropping as quickly as I wanted. This helped me realize I was still looking outside for validation. Read More…

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