Joshua Zuchter 01/12/08 New Year Review & Projecton

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Our show this evening was doing a New Years Review of 2008 and a Projection for 2009. This is a must for everyone who wants to create their own reality and achieve mastery of their life in every area. (Below I have included all the questions we asked.)


Review and Projection for Next Year

Top 10 Accomplishments/highlights in 2008?

What has shifted in my reality from last year?

Greatest Challenge What would you like to rewrite that occurred this year/do differently?

What was your greatest contribution in 2008?

What fun/silly/goofy things did you do in 2008?

What possibilities can you see for yourself now that were not clear for you before?

What are you most grateful for … top 5 in 2008?
What 5-10 lessons did you learn about yourself or about life itself?

What are 10 goals/desires you have for 2009?

What are you willing to see through to creation in 2009 in other words take an active role in?

What fun/silly/goofy things would you like to do in 2009?

Who would you like to connect with in 2009?

What would you like your finances to be like in 2009?

What will romance look like for you in 2009?

What will you do differently in 2009?

What are your top 3 priorities for 2009?

What 3 actions will you take for each priority to make it a reality?

What affirmations will support these intentions?

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