Jan Newsletter 2013 ~ Transcending

Happy New Year 2013!! Year of Transcending

I’m very excited about the possibilities of the New Year! And have many exciting things beginning to unfold. I believe my article does say it all and brings some of the Magic back into my heart.

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My Inspiration for this month:

In coming to the completion of 2012 (a year that felt more like a survival year), I realized I want to do more than survive! I want to transcend the karma and core wounds I am coming to love and accept within myself.

I have learned that the only way to transcend our core wounds is to move from our fears into a state of Being — to come to embody the essence of our Soul or Divine Will over our will to control and manipulate our circumstances/lives. I have also learned that the way to connect to our true state of Being is to quiet the mind and open our hearts to the magic that surrounds us.

There are times when I have forgotten magic even exists. And those days are ones I have been stuck in the world of just getting by, or worse — feeling like I have to struggle to survive. With the restrictions of having 2 frozen shoulders for most of the year, it was easy to feel my life was full of limitations. Where it became challenging to remember that the magic is all around me.

However, 2013 is a year where we are to learn to transcend or rise above our lower ego/mind qualities. This can only be accomplished through our Divine essences and our authentic selves. Which means we can’t avoid who we are, pretend we are better, or fake who we are anymore. We can only transcend our lower qualities by first accepting who we are and then rising above this by bridging a connection with our Heart and Soul!

I believe the best way to go about this is through quieting the mind through whatever techniques work best for you. Meditation is a wonderful way to accomplish this quieting; however, there are infinite ways to meditate. I love to connect with the water, being close to the lake is almost necessary for my survival and I take walks along the water as often as I can. Nature is a powerful ally in our journey to connect to that still point within each of us. I enjoy guided meditations as well, as this allows us to surrender and use the power of our inner vision. However, I do believe one of the most powerful ways to meditate is within a group setting: “For when two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” (Mathew 18:20). These words of Ascended Master Jesus highlight the importance of group prayer and meditation. It gives us an opportunity to transcend our limited ego mind and open up to the infinite possibilities of the magic that surrounds us daily. It offers us an opportunity to create a bridge to the Oneness field by raising our vibration with the assistance of another. Let’s also remember that we are never alone, and help in the physical and non-physical is just a call away, we just have to remember to ask! Asking is most effective through being quiet, clear and specific about what you want or need.

Join me this year to transcend into the magical world of possibilities and discover the infinite Oneness that exists within each of us. Let this year be the year we align with the energies that have gathered to assist us during this time of Ascendance and open our Hearts to hear the gentle guidance of our Soul!

CBS Radio:

Voices of Soul, with co-host Jean Adrienne and I, is every other Mon at 1pm EST. This is a dynamic show bringing the best of advice through my intuitive counseling and her Inner Speak clearing Cards. We will have various discussions throughout the month! Jean and I are a dynamic duo where I offer readings and she offers clearings. We have agreed to offer a 30 mins session for our listeners and our newsletter recipients. It is only $75… I encourage you to experience it for yourself! We can go through tough issues quickly!

Jean is scheduled to be with us for Jan 13th and 27th,
Jan 7th, I have Nora WalksinSpirit (Algonquin Shaman) discussing her New Year’s Message: Transcending, http://www.norawalksinspirit.com/
Jan 21st, TBA

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Jan 23rd Alicia Isaacs Howes www.yoursoulstory.com
Jan 30th Co-host Jennifer Kautz, (www.theartfulsoul.org) Dream Analyst

Intuitive Soul and Friends, on Fridays at 1pm EST I have 3 co-hosts David Watson, Tracy McBurney, and Thomas Campbell.
David Watson, (www.askthewillows.com) Jan 4th, “Shift Happens”
Tracy McBurney, (www.TracyMcBurney.com) Jan 11th, Energy Consciousness
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Thomas Campbell, (www.my-big-toe.com) Jan 25th, Quantum Physics and Consciousness

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With Love and an Open Heart,