February 2011 Newsletter ~ Love

February is Love Month

We seem to be going through a transition of wanting more conscious love and relationships. We want to create a sacred bond through love, whether through a new relationship or creating a deeper bond in the one we are in.

My feelings on this are always the same; to know oneself and begin creating the sacred bond there first, softening to loves embrace, opening one’s heart to self, and acknowledging ego/shadow and how it has played its role in closing your heart. Expanding from separation to interconnectedness of all life and soul/spirit/source. Creating sacred communion with the planet and the infinite.

We all know the unselfishness and unconditional love of pets. We all have experiences of what we don’t want in a relationship. This is always a good place to begin. From the good, bad and ugly, we begin to know what we want.

The reason I recommend we begin with self, is that it assists us to take responsibility in love. We would all prefer to blame someone else for our love problems. Over and over, I have heard and seen how love becomes distorted and blasphemed through our own pains and fears. We want to strike out and hurt another. Yet, the true freedom of opening your heart can only begin through accepting full responsibility.

Love is and always will be, the quickest and sometimes only way to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Love is the frequency that permeates life. We are the ones that layer our hearts with fear and pain. We shut down our hearts and this is what creates the heaviness associated with love.

To free your heart, to experience the unconditional love that surrounds you at all times, you have to start at the beginning. We all came into this life to heal our hearts. This world is too permeated with pain and fear. So, we all came to learn how to find our Heart’s Way. Our heart holds all the answers. Our soul reminds us every moment how to open softly to its gentle guidance. Whenever there is resistance, that means we are shutting our heart down, and are unable to hear our soul’s guidance.

It isn’t easy to hold our heart open. It often feels incredibly vulnerable. However, it is the answer to every pain we feel, see, hear and know. When you can learn to hold your heart open, feel vulnerable and still expand your heart, your relationships and your vibration shifts and you attract from a different level.

Check out this interview I did with Jeff Brown Jeff Brown 27/01/11 Apologies to Divine Feminine it discusses a lot of this.

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February is Love month on my CBS Intuitive Soul show, you can email or call in your questions!! Join me for live Readings all month on the topics below!

Feb 2 How to Create, Maintain or Attract a Romantic Relationship
Feb 9 Clearing Beliefs to creating your best Romantic Relationship
Feb 16 Using your Intuition to establish and manifest your Romantic Relationship
Feb 23 How Love is manifesting in your life

Voices of Soul, with co-host Jean Adrienne and I is every Mon at 1pm EST. This is a dynamic show bringing the best of advice through my intuitive counseling and her Inner Speak Cards. We will have various discussions throughout the month!

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Feb 3rd – Interview with Dr Laurie Moore www.success-love-now.com

Feb 10th – Sherrie Dillard, author of Love and Intuition www.sherriedillard.com

Feb 24th – Tracy McBurney

My Heart’s Way group will start more groups in 2011 to work through the 8 steps of my new program “A Heart’s Way: How to Align with your Soul’s Purpose and Manifest your True Dreams. Below is the 8 steps we will cover. Let me know if you are interested in Finding your Heart’s Way. Private coaching is also available for this program.
1.Get Clear about what you really want.
2.Uncover how limiting beliefs/habits/stories hold you back and keep you stuck.
3.Live in Present Moment Awareness. Break through your patterns and reactions to be in charge of your responses.
4.Shift from your head to your heart with the tools that lead to acceptance, non-judgment and witness consciousness.
5.Practices that still the Mind, Body and Spirit. Hear the gentle guidance of the Heart.
6.Trusting your Intuition and your Innate Inner Guidance.
7.Begin to Express your Authenticity, the natural soul essence of who you are.
8.Align with your Soul Purpose, where you can feel more confident, empowered, and live from inner happiness to manifest your true dreams.

With Love and an Open Heart,