Feb Newsletter 2013 ~ I Love

Hello Everyone! Happy Love Month

The world is opening up to new possibilities and it feels like we have walked into a new vortex of planet earth. I hope you can feel the infinite opportunities opening up to you at this time!

New website is live and my pharma hack is getting further and further behind me (or google). And currently Sky.CBSlocal.com our new station is live on the internet for everyone. (I hope it continues!!)

My Inspiration for this month:

I love, because my love is not dependent on the object of love. My love is dependent on my state of being. So whether the other person changes, becomes different, friend turns into a foe, does not matter, because my love was never dependent on the other person. My love is my state of being. I simply love. –Osho

February is always Love month at Intuitive Soul. Whether it is self, romantic or all relationships, I like to term this “love month”. When I think of Love, I think about all the relationships we are in, as well as our continued evolution towards love over fear. The above quote from Osho, describes the type or kind of love that I would like to share with you this Love Month of 2013 and always.

Love is a state of Being, yet our definition of romantic Love seems to have become the most complicated emotion we experience in life. Or perhaps it is the Journey towards evolving into our state of Being that is so complicated. Relationships are how we grow our souls toward love and enlightenment. Some people are afraid of being loved and/or rejected, that they remove themselves from the game. However, regardless of who the players are, our soul will always find the right players to assist us with our growth. They may be our colleagues at work, our boss, our friends or our family. We can’t avoid our opportunities to evolve towards love. But we often try!

We also see the people, who believe they are in the game, but instead are emotionally unavailable or become emotionally available only to someone who cannot return their love. In love we see jealousy and obsession.  Often our love is conditional on the other person changing, being fixed or accepting that we are “right” and then we want to control how the relationship evolves.

As I continue to be reminded, love isn’t about what we can receive. It isn’t about someone loving us back. It isn’t about our ego’s desire to control and manipulate the object of our affection (no matter how unconscious this is). Love is about “giving” and BEing. It is about opening our hearts, being vulnerable, being messy, and evolving from the pain and fears we learned about, that we thought love was. It is about letting go of the corrupted ideas and expectations of what love is.

Imagine if we could be in a state of BEing that is LOVE? That isn’t conditional on anything outside of us. It isn’t dependent on anyone loving us back. It is just about giving unconditionally. Because you are LOVE!! So ultimately being in a state of love is more about  connecting with who you truly are….a journey in to oneself, an inward journey rather than the outward journey that so many of us pursue in the name of LOVE. Imagine how the world would respond to our Being. We wouldn’t be so obsessed about- who or when or if. We would just give love or BE LOVE.

Join me this month to experiment on something new… for 30 days, focus on journeying inward to tap into the love that is within you, that is you and share this with others without expecting anything in return. Without having to be right, or saying or doing things that are forms of manipulation, to get someone to like or love you. Rather just open your heart and express the love and gratitude that you are! Don’t just experiment with your significant other, and include your friends, family, and the person at the checkout counter. Be LOVE!

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With Love and an Open Heart,