Evelyne Bernhardt 29/01/09 Heartfelt Healing

Evelyne combines her talent in counseling and coaching with an intuitive ability to tune into the body and energy field to identify and release energy. Using Energy Medicine she creates a greater flow of life force energy, leading to improved vitality, health, mental clarity, and emotional harmony.

The Energy Healing and Vibrational Remedies she offers can help heal inherited diseases, pain, trauma, and emotional issues. Her innate love of nature and connection with the Earth shows up in her creative use of crystals during healing sessions.

As a public speaker Evelyne has educated and inspired groups of teenagers and adults to understand and improve their health by outlining the positive effects of Energy Medicine and Vibrational remedies. Even in a group situation she is able to tune into specific individual issues and help people to heal.

She is a Reiki Master, and has diplomas in Spiritual and Vibrational Medicine from the College of International Holistic Studies in Milton.

Evelyne has always felt that her family name, BERNHARDT, was appropriate because her heart burns with the love and passion to help others.