Dec 2012 Newsletter ~ Holiday Relationships

Happy Holidays!!

Wow, can you believe that it’s December?? We are all anticipating great things this month, and I hope no one is concerned about the Doomsday sayers!!?? I actually feel excitement this Holiday Season, something I haven’t felt in quite some time. My Wish for you is that you have a Powerful Transformation and your hearts open wide to experience the Gentle Guidance of your Soul.

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I’m also excited to welcome some new co-hosts to the line-up, Allan and Brawna Levy join us this month taking over for Mikael Meir, and Michael Eisen, author of Empowered YOUth: A Father and Son’s Journey to Conscious Living, will be joining us in Jan. Will also be looking for new co-hosts for Mondays, as Jean is going to only do 2 shows a month, if you know of someone who might be interested, please let me know. CBS Sky Radio will be closed from Dec 24th – Jan 2nd, and all shows will be encores except for Thomas Campbell Dec 28th, it will be recorded prior and aired, we will be discussing We Survived 2012, Now What?

My Inspiration for this month:

We are coming into the Holiday season, one that has so much promise and is full of expectations, good and bad. Some may even feel the excitement of possibilities that they haven’t felt in so long. One thing I hear most often that continues to be expressed around the Holidays is about our dysfunctional relationships.

The holidays are a difficult time of year for many people. If you are single, the hopes of finding true love and magic at this time, hold allure, although, it may also hold a great deal of sadness and lost hope. If you are in a new relationship then there are the expectations of a relationship going to the next level. Or if you are in an existing relationship it is about maintaining or rediscovering the spark. Also there are the family get-together’s that create so much stress, as we try to meet our own ego’s expectations of having the “perfect” Holiday Dinner. All scenarios can create a stressful holiday season!

There is no easy solution, but we can find a way to get out of our heads and into the one place that we belong during the holidays, our Heart! The Magic of the Holiday season is that there is an energy of “giving”. We all have had the disappointment of not getting what we wanted. This is because of our expectations and our ego wanting something that we anticipated from someone else. Yet we all know the magic of discovering the perfect gift for someone else. However, this may have led to disappointment if it was not received with the joy that we put into it.

The holiday season is about Giving, not getting. If we could change our perspectives around this and only focus on how we can serve others; friends, partners, and our families, we wouldn’t be so stressed and we could embrace the Magic of the Holiday Season. When we are in our heads we are trying to control and manipulate those around us as well as ourselves, so that we will be liked or accepted.

The problem is that we are going about this from a mental and ego’s viewpoint. When we try and control or manipulate a situation, it is because we are holding a past memory that has a belief or fear within it. When we hold our beliefs and fears from the place of a core wound, we react instead of respond. The Holidays are filled with memories, beliefs, and fears that reflect our core wounds. Our mission, if we choose to accept it, is to stop focusing on what we want, and shift it over to what we can give to others! Think of all the beautiful gifts that you have to offer the people in your life and your community.

The gift of the Holidays is that the Magic of this time is strong, and we have an opportunity to connect into this beautiful vibration of giving more easily. My invitation to you is get out of your head and your ego’s “wantings” and shift your focus towards what you can give to others. When you do this with your heart it means that you don’t expect anything in return. Imagine that this Holiday season you have the time, energy and/or money (if necessary) that others don’t, and that you just want to give because you don’t need anything in return. Your heart is full and exuberant. You are expressing your Soul’s essence and snuggling safely within your heart’s space.

Happy Holidays!

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With Love and an Open Heart,