David Watson 26/06/08 channeling by the Willows on 2012

June 26th Willow Reading …

Earth Changes and the Future of Humanity

Earth changes and the future of life on our planet is one of the biggest mysteries we face in our time. Global warming, earthquakes, tsunamis, and weather changes are headlines we see in the News on a daily basis. Who or what is responsible and what can we do about it?

Add all of this to an increasing number of futurists’ concerns about the year 2012 and the fate of humanity. Many indigenous belief systems including the Mayan’s have shown us a completion of a certain phase or age on the earth. Their great circular calendars come to an end on December 21st. – the winter solstice – and many today believe in what they call the Ascension. A raising of “aware” individuals to a “higher” level of consciousness and being. What do you think?

Join David and the Willows for an informative and entertaining visit into a future that may not be so far away.