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There are primarily 4 different types of intuition or ways we intuit information

Clairvoyant- ability to see: physically outside, within on your 3rd eye screen and or see things symbolically – most common.
clairaudent – ability to hear; physically outside, within (ie some people say they hear ghosts talking like they are outside of them having a conversation like everyone else does, others say within them.
clairsentient; (I recently heard this as clairsensual) which uses feelings- are actual body feelings, tingling (as one of my friends calls it truth bumps), a medical intuitive may feel within their body what is going on with someone else, or when you are doing energy work people often say I feels something here or it may produce memories that made you feel a certain way or symbols that made you feel a certain way, but they would be either for you or another (def’n: A symbol is something such as an object, picture, written word, sound, or particular mark that represents something else by association, resemblance, or convention.)
claircognizance- knowing- seems to have a download within you where you seem to just know what you are to do, or what happened. It is not logical, yet clear. Others suggest that you use your 5 senses to intuit information. This is a good thing to do before you start intuiting any information. To do a body scan, see what you are feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting, so that once you start, you will know what is yours or what is the synchronicity that you are picking up for yourself or another. Both smell and taste allow us to use memories, associations and symbols when intuiting, as do all of your senses. eg, some people get a smell of cookies baking that represents safety and love as a child. Another example, when working with someone, a certain memory may come up for you, about yourself, this memory produces feelings either positive, negative or neutral, that may allow you to connect with the person because it is similar experience or similar feeling. An association, is when you think of this, it reminds you of something else, we intuit using association a lot. Symbols, this is when you are talking and something comes up that is symbolic for you or who you are intuiting for, eg a picture of a sun, to me might bring up feelings of warmth, and a vacation, yet to them it might be clarity. This is why we need to ask what a the symbol means to them.

How do we build our intuition?
Practice and trust!
Because I am not your tradition intuitive, clairvoyant or clairaudent, I had to learn how to develop my skill. I was clairsentient my whole life, but, suppressed it because it is very intrusive, people don’t like you to know what they are feeling, and I didn’t really understand that. And people would get so upset, I learned to repress it. Later, I had to relearn it and know when it is ok to use it. I created boundaries (so that you are not intuiting information without the persons permission and invading their privacy). For some newly learning their skills, this is a very difficult thing to create. However, it was easy for me, as I learned to completely repress my skills. Now I use it typically only to intuit information when I am asked. Which is the best anyway, but, I don’t open up to another person, unless I am asked. Also, I began by using something that is completely unobtrusive tarot!! so, when you are starting out (I recommend reading Laura Day’s Practical Intuition for lots of tips and techniques or her newest book How to rule the world from your couch, she was instrumental in assisting me to remember!)

Then you need to practice and practice and practice!!! With what ever you are drawn to. Tarot was a great tool for me, because it was so full of symbolism. I use Rider Waite, because then each card is not only full of symbolism, it also tells a story!! Many decks for the minor arcana, use the number and the suit, hearts, wands, pentacles, and swords. Therefore, you need to learn numerology and what the different suits mean to you. The seasons, elements etc or you can use decks that tell a story. I recommend when you get a deck, to actually not read the booklet that comes with it at all!! or until you have intuited for yourself what they mean to you! I would go through each card, and look at it deeply, often meditate for 10 mins per card, especially the major arcana (For those who don’t know tarot, the major arcana is the journey of the fool, beginning with 0 the fool, to 21 the world, where the fool begins again and is open with possibilities. The minor arcana have 4 suits, as mentioned, they are the everyday occurrences that happen to us. Where the major are spiritual and life changing events, the bigger things that move our lives like karma, spirituality, building are rebuilding our foundation, transformation. And the minor arcana are for relationships, moves, career, jobs, travel and health etc. I will do a show on tarot in the future!). Once you meditate on them, decide what they mean to you!! Then go to the book, and regardless of what the book says, use it as a reference as it will give you great tips and techniques. However, your initial information will be far more beneficial and it will be what you think of when someone or yourself does a reading. It may feel at the beginning, while you are doing this, that you are just making it up. Just using your imagination to create something that makes sense. However, as you practice this, you will discover that it is really accurate for others. When we do a reading for ourselves, if we bring our logic into it and not ask for divine guidance, we can use our imagination to create things that may be too big for our beliefs. For example, often when we start out, we want to believe we can create a million dollars as our first test. This is just too big for our beliefs or our unconscious mind to imagine, so we instead prove to ourselves that it doesn’t work and we stop practising.

Once we decide what tool we are going to start with, practise with friends, family, acquaintences and work collegues, they will love it! Then the next hurdle is trust. This is one of the biggest problems, it is that we have learned not to trust anyone or anything because our ego has been driving the car for the most part of our lives. Trust isn’t always easy, but what makes it easier is when we keep a journal (about your readings for yourself, your dreams etc and for others) and write down what we intuit. Then we go back months, years later and see what actually came true! Treat your intuition like a scientific experiment, don’t follow trust or faith blindly. Let it prove it to you, then it is easier to allow and trust. However, with trust it is something that you also build, and one builds it through self love, self acceptance and learning to grow and heal our issues. For those who don’t believe the world is safe, trust becomes more difficult, but, in a way we have all learned to not trust in this world. From ourselves, to our family, our partners, our work and even God! We feel so separate and alone and it is probably one of the biggest areas we need to grow or change our beliefs.

Faith is one of the last of the keys to intuition, it goes with trust, but it is almost like a surrendering. You have to be clear to have faith. Clear within self, and that requires a lot of self work.

Intention is very important when working with our intuition. We have to have a clear intent on what and why we are doing this. Often people are unclear, and when you are unclear, then your energy is all over the place and we can’t be focused enough to assist anyone or anything. You may be having the worst day, but when it comes to our intuition, we need to be able to determine what is ours and what is the information we are getting. That is why it is important to do a body scan, then to do your own spiritual work to clear out your beliefs and patterns that recreate all the things you don’t want. However, one of the beauties of our intuition, is that if something comes up while doing a reading on someone else, that is ours, very likely it is theirs too! Intention and clarity are key.

Awareness: this is the most important key to intuition, and our growth and healing as a society. Becoming aware, it brings synchronicities, but if we aren’t aware, we may not acknowledge the synchronicity. Awareness is much more than this too. It is being aware of our perceptions, our thoughts, our feelings, before and during our questions. Knowing within ourselves what beliefs are outdated and running on old programing, which helps in being clear.

Synchronicities, those events, symbols, people that come into our awareness at the moment that are an answer to a question we have asked, may appear in music, bill boards while driving, or license plates, something you read, or something someone says. (def’n: Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are causally unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner. To count as synchronicity, the events should be unlikely to occur together by chance.)

Presence, Being in the Now, it is really important to be in the now! Focused and practicing presence so that your awareness and syncronicities are deeper and you are more connected. When beginning developing your intuition, practice connecting within and to the higher source around you. Nature is a good way to practice (taking a walk in nature) or doing something you love or are passionate about to get your focused and present.

Stillness: this is a practice. To have focus and intention, one begins through meditation! Meditation is your way to connect with

God/higher-self/source (as Lorraine Roe claims it is your local call to God, not long distance). Meditation is key to creating a connection within yourself, to begin stillness and greater awareness within yourself. Some may find it useful to get a CD, guided meditation, music, chanting, mantra (saying a word, usually a word of God that connects you, that has history and 1000’s of years of practice), do a walking meditation, or sit in stillness, and connect with your breath.

Some people use pendulums (great tool, however, our energy definitely impacts the answer if we are attached to the outcome and it only answers Yes/no questions.)
dream work – using our nightly dreams to assist us in our daily life, keep a journal. Dreams are very symbolic and not frequently premonitions.
crystals/crystal balls they are really to focus us
candles are the same – focus
blind questions – where you write down a question and fold it up so that you can’t see which question you are choosing. You can do this for yourself or for someone else. Then you pick up the question and intuit information in what ever way it comes.
A lot of people ask a question before we fall asleep. Typically, we get the answer when we wake up.

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