CBS Radio 11/11/09 – 2012 and Clearings

Today we are going to talk about 11:11:11, because this is the 11th year, and Nov 11.

For the next 3 years many are discussing our arrival to 2012, there is even a blockbuster movie this year! That shows doom and gloom. And this year we had 9:9:9 (Sept 9, 09), next is 10:10:10, and then 2 years from now it is another 11:11:11. Then we hit the BIG year that we are all talking about. 12:12:12 (Dec 12, 12 and the big day 12:21:12 , Dec 21, 2012) the end of the Mayan calendar. What we have all been waiting for, in the spiritual community. And where others are worried that it is the end of the world!?

No one really knows what it all means, and why it is important. It is all speculation. We don’t know how it will all turn out. It is going to be a very unique and represents a new mass consciousness awakening. We have all felt the impact of the energies intensity over the past few years. Change is constant, and the only thing that is. And clearly as we get closer to the date, we are all feeling the need to look at our issues that are prohibiting us from moving forward. Our triggers are too “in our face” to avoid much longer. It isn’t an option to keep avoiding and pretending everything is ok. We do know, that what it is all about, are huge shifts as the world is aligning towards this mass consciousness awakening. What does this mean? It is the first time in the history that we are creating consciously “oneness”. Do we all “wake-up” at the same time? Not likely, but many are already hitting that point of waking up. Does this mean enlightenment? No, but it means that we are becoming aware, in a 3rd dimensional planet, of our emotions, mental body, physical body and our spiritual growth. We are acknowledging our responsibilities of our lives and we are not blaming others. We are growing up! And to many, once this pinnacle point in our growth occurs, like the 100th monkey syndrome, we will all wake up. When that happens, we are likely headed for a place of Peace!

This year was a year of 9’s, and they are about endings of old ways. Sept 9th, we have definitely felt the impact of change and new beginnings the world is in a rapid transition and the energies have been intense!!! 9 is also in Tarot about the Hermit, who appears alone on a mountain top, shining his light to teach and awaken the Hero’s. This year has been about transformation and awakening. The teachers are all being demanded to clear their issues, to prepare to shine their light. As our light gets brighter, our shadows begin to appear and we have to deal with them!! 10’s are about karma/balance, a new slate opening up for us. I will have guests discuss this when it gets closer. In tarot it is Wheel of Fortune, the wheel is always turning, and the world is always changing. We need to find our center in all of this, so that we are balanced no matter what is happening all around us. 11’s are about Christ Consciousness!! There are huge shifts in awakening towards our higher consciousness. We are already seeing miracles. In Tarot this is Justice, which is karmic and balance. We need to be aware of what we are creating on the planet and take responsibility for it. Find our balance as we move forward on our growth. And today, we are welcoming the beginning of this shift, although, it has been occurring now for years!! Ever since Aug 16th-17th 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence and the Harmonic Concordance Nov 8-9th 2003 (with a lunar eclipse). All of this is relating to the planetary alignments correlated in the Mayan calendar. And the last entry on the Mayan Calendar is 12:21:12. 12’s are all about cosmos, spiritual manifestation, collective consciousness. Which I believe is a mass consciousness transformation! The 12 in the Tarot is the Hanged Man. It is time for a new perspective. Time to find our center, while we are waiting and find our peace even when we are upside down! We have had many significant transitions leading the way for this transformation. What seems obvious is that change is the only thing that is constant and going with the flow is imperative. As is surrendering and letting go.

Which is what our show tonight is about: clearing. Once a month I will do a show on clearing because we have to let go of the “stuff” that we are accumulating and the cords that are attached, so that we can have successful relationships, with ourselves, our partners/friends/family and with our ‘things’ (money, career, work, spirituality, God/universe).

Personal Clearing:
What is it and why do we need clearings? There are many things we can do to clear our energy. First, it is important to understand that we have several different “bodies” when we refer to our physical body. We have a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body. Our aura can extend to approx 50 ft around us (which includes our mental, emotional and physical bodies) and our soul body 500 ft around us (which includes our spiritual body). This means that there are people, things, and energies impacting us all day long, consider road rage! Often our emotions are not even ours! Yet we have no idea that we could be in a terrible mood all day, and it was because of our work colleague who had a fight with his wife this morning. Plus when we were created, we had an umbilical cord that was attached to us that nurtured and feed us completely while we were developing. Because of this, we create etheric cords with almost every person we have a close connection with, especially intimate relationships and family! And lastly, most of our thoughts, judgements, behaviours, patterns, beliefs, and values are formed by the age of 7! And as a result we are reacting and creating the same patterns over and over again, until we heal them!

This is why it is really important to consider personal clearings! Of course there are other things that impact our energy, which is what people think of entities, spirits, curses, implants, disease etc. And it all comes down to awareness. When we are in the “Now”, we can become more aware of our areas in our lives that need some clearing. Most of my work is in the area of what we are creating, from our patterns, behaviours, unconscious mind and the collective unconscious. And all these areas are involved and impact our clarity. What we focus on we create. And all of this impacts our relationships!

So, learning to let go and surrender, is part of the process of clearing our energies and creating boundaries which will be a topic for another month. However, this is something we should be aware of and learn to create in healthy ways. Once we are aware of our personal energy, how it impacts us and others. We need to be aware that if others impact us, we impact others. We also need to be aware of where we are dumping our energies! Which brings us to our next topic.

Home Clearing
That is right, we dump our energies in our homes! Every fight, every emotion we have can get dumped into our home! This is important to know because if we don’t take measures to clear the energy, it becomes stuck there, and impacting everyone who enters our home; our children, our relationships and ourselves! Illness, anger, grief, and financial problems impact ourselves and our home. Sometimes we go through a difficult time and then don’t understand why the pattern continues, and it is because it is still stuck in your home. Plus it is likely a belief you have unconscious within your personal energy. This all gets stuck in our homes, where we need to feel safe and secure. Where we need to be able to relax and let go. Then we watch TV! (another time!)

Of course, there are other things that can be in your home. When we bought our dream house, we never considered, the divorce that happened, the death in the home, or the ghost who wants to stay. However, unlike most of the ghost busters out there, I don’t believe there is much benefit to identifying a ghost, rather, it is only beneficial to assist it to move forward on it’s journey, and this is my goal. Otherwise, they are stuck here, unable to progress in their evolution! They need to be able to grow and evolve, as we all do. So, I assist others to transition to their next stage in their evolution. And it is incredibly beautiful, as well as humbling to observe! Of course, there are some who don’t want to leave and need some coaxing. While some, who have no intention of leaving. They need a little help!

We can also have nature impact the energies of our home with lay lines. Water, is emotional and harried. Earth lay lines, with crystal portals and energy vortexes also open up or go through your home. Which can cause some disruptions in your home and family experience. Air, I have had occasion to experience, with a home being on a plane route. This disturbs the energy above the home or work place. And Fire, if you were near volcanic activity, this would likely result in passionate energy. And passion can go in two very opposite directions.

Also, I want to address elementals. We can be sharing our homes with elementals. They are of the four elements and also fairies, elves, brownies, gnomes, etc! These don’t need to be removed, their route home or out may just be covered and they just need to find a new exit or entrance!

And if you are trying to sell your home, you want to make sure that your home is clear for the new family to enter. You don’t want the reason that your house doesn’t sell being because it doesn’t “feel” right!

Business Clearing:
This is pretty much the same as a home, except you have a lot more people working in it! And a lot more people mean a lot more emotions and energies! Some of the same problems can exist and often do! However, intensified. If you have a business in the health field, like a therapy, such as naturopath, clinic, chiropractor, Dr’s office, imagine what it is like at a hospital and some Gov’t agencies. The energies in them are thick and stagnant. It is a wonder how anyone heals?

Next month I will give you tips and techniques to use on clearing your home for the Holidays. Please email me at

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