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Holiday Relationships

We are coming into the Holiday season, one that has so much promise and is full of expectations, good and bad. Some may even feel the excitement of possibilities that they haven’t felt in so long. One thing I hear most often that continues to be expressed around the Holidays is about our dysfunctional relationships.

BEing vs Doing

I’ve been doing a lot of contemplation on being versus doing. We all know how to do. Typically we do things when we are unhappy or we “want” something. This is almost always from a place of ego and it is from a place outside of us. It comes as a response to when we […]


I thought the 2nd half of 2012 was going to be easier, but this past month has proven that we seem to be escalating once again and transformation is the key word for where we are heading this fall and into the end of the year. It seems that everyone I have been speaking with […]

Motivation and Resistance

Lately, my focus has been on “When the Law of Attraction (LOA) Doesn’t Work”, so much so that I am considering writing a book on it. On my journey I continue to encounter resistance to change and it leads me to understand my motivation to create. Often we are trying to create something outside ourselves that […]

When the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

The biggest part of my journey has been to understand my own growth and spiritual evolution. Like many of us, I have been hearing about the Law of Attraction (LOA) for almost 20 years, through sources like Abraham Hicks, then the movie The Secret. This has been an empowering and exciting part of this journey. However, […]

Pain a Divine Purpose

I’ve come to have a new appreciation of pain in the past few months. Chronic Pain is debilitating, but I never understood how it can infiltrate every area of your life. Physical pain impacts your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When we are stuck in our emotional pain/trauma it can impact every area as well.

Participation or Victim

Lately, due to some work I’ve been doing, I discovered something profound. It is highlighted in the Movie “The Lorax” and I’m beginning to grasp its significance in all our lives. We feel the need to be victims, consciously and unconsciously. Because the alternative is Being responsible for not only our own lives, but that of […]

Change & New Beginnings: Love or Fear

As we come to the end of the “Winter that wasn’t”… and approach spring, it always makes me think of New Beginnings and Changes. We all seem to want them and are inspired to imagine creating them; however, if we are on the road to authenticity and desire to come from a place of the Heart […]

What is Love

What is love? As we move into the Month of Love and Valentine’s Day, we usually think about romantic relationships and we dream of creating our “Happily Ever After”.

2012 Year of Choices

In 2011, I learned to surrender control, ask for help, lost dear friends, made some new ones, reconnected with old ones and began to accept who I am. I’m grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned and saddened by the reflection on how some lessons manifested.

Magic and Grace

Every December, I write about the Magic of the Season. It is the Magic of love, compassion, and generosity. I know it is around all year, but I believe we all connect with it more strongly at this time. It has the power to open our hearts. And this year, I have become enchanted with […]

Choosing to Deepen Commitment with Self

Last month I looked at Sabotage, this month I want to explore Choices and how we can “choose” to accept and love ourselves. What does deepening your commitment to Self mean to you? Consciously choosing to love and accept ourselves for who we are is much more challenging than choosing from a place of fear […]

Deepening Commitment with Self

I’m a firm believer in leading by example; I try and take 100% responsibility for everything I see happening around me. But I’ve noticed lately I’m giving the same advice over and over again about people sabotaging themselves and I know I’m as guilty of sabotaging myself as those that I’m guiding. Why do we […]

Conscious Creation from the Heart

My feeling is that Conscious Creation isn’t about the mind, or “The Secret” philosophy, which is the Law of Attraction. This keeps us focused outside ourselves. It focuses on the “who” we want in our lives, and the “how” which is all about control; the ego driven desires (biggest house, best education, fastest car, the […]

Letting Go and Being Open

Surrendering isn’t easy, and staying open while letting go of things you want, is even more challenging. Sometimes when we are going through change, there are little gifts being offered. Yet, most often we judge and try to control our lives. This closes us down and typically, we don’t even see, let alone allow these […]

Change means Surrender

I talk about control and surrender often. This past month, I had to make some difficult decisions about my work and was even prepared to let go of my home. I had to completely surrender my ego’s control over my life. While opening up and asking for help, from the non-physical and the physical. A […]

Express Your Authenticity, Express Your Soul Essence

We need to learn to express our authenticity, the natural Soul Essence that is us. If we can look deep enough in our hearts, what we all seek is to be loved and accepted for who we are. Unfortunately, many of us were convinced that who we were, was not good enough. As a result, […]

Practices for Receiving the Gentle Guidance of the Soul

When it comes to receiving guidance, especially the gentle guidance of our soul, we all are quite unique. I have expanded my understanding of how our intuition works and therefore our ability to receive information from Soul. There are still the clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient (feeling) and claircognizant (knowing), however, I believe we also can expand […]


We seem to be going through a transition of wanting more conscious love and relationships. We want to create a sacred bond through love, whether through a new relationship or creating a deeper bond in the one we are in. My feelings on this are always the same; to know oneself and begin creating the […]

2011 Choices

Happy New Year 2011! As I sit down to write this, it is New Years Eve, it is lightly raining and 10 degrees Celcius. 2010 has been an interesting year! As I ponder on 2011, I am getting that it can be an easier year for many. The energies are still amping up, we are […]

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