Experiences don’t create our beliefs… Our beliefs create our experiences!

believeWe often live with the expectation that our experiences seem to dictate our beliefs; that everything that ‘happens’ to us creates, proves or justifies what we believe about the world. However, it is what we believe that is creating our experiences and until we accept this, until we look at the underlying belief we have about our experiences, we continue to add energy to our story that our beliefs are justified because of our experience. We get caught in a loop of justifying to the world why these things keep happening to us and reliving all the experiences that validate what we feel, but we are just adding to this energy to recreate more of the experiences we have.

Does this make sense? Continue reading

Purpose ~ Do you know yours?

lightLately, the idea of ‘Purpose’ has been in my line of focus (I completed a show with Tom Campbell on Purpose). Purpose is this interesting concept that we have. We believe that our purpose is somehow tied up with our identity. So we have this grandiose concept of ‘what we do’ is ‘who we are’. What I mean by this is that we identify with what we do, what our ‘work’ is as part of our identity. And we also believe that as we define ourselves by what we do, our ‘purpose’ is somehow linked to our work. And our ‘purpose’ is our Soul’s Purpose. Our ‘purpose’ is ‘Who we are’, what our Soul has decided to work on in this life. Continue reading

Love is…

loveI like to term February as Love Month, but what happens more often than not is that we think about what is Not Love. What do I mean by this? We think about love in February because of Valentine’s Day, which means we are thinking about ‘romantic love’. And most of our definitions of romantic love are constructs of love dictated to us through the use of media and our experiences from our childhood that defined love. Both of these ‘ideals’ are inaccurate and often have nothing to do with love at all, but are rather a reflection of our needs and wants in a relationship. Which is to say; that ‘love’ is what we feel we need reflected back to us through our significant ‘other’ or from any intimate relationship. We are actually ‘in love’ with an ideal of what we believe we can receive from another. Continue reading

Discovering our Gifts

newyearmessageWow. Another year has gone by. While channeling a message for our Heart-Centered Support Group I received a message that this year is all about uncovering our ‘Gifts’. As we contemplate who we are and become more authentic we get to step into our truth and we begin to see who we truly are from a perspective of BEing instead of what we Do. And what does that mean for us? It means that we are in an authentic state of BEing which is who we are – and this is our ‘gift’ to the world. Continue reading

Do You Feel the Holiday Magic?

christmasmagicEach year I share with you my message that I have always felt passionate about ‘the Magic of the Holidays’. And this year I’ve reviewed my blogs that go back to 2005 (LOL) to find some of the thoughts that have inspired me in the hopes that this will also inspire you to ‘remember this magic’. I have gone through and encompassed some of the best I have shared over the years and added some thoughts that reflect my current thinking and feeling about this ‘magic’. I also had a great conversation with Tom Campbell and offered some tips to grow towards love through this Holiday season (listen or watch here). Continue reading

What if…?

whatif.We discussed a lot of sabotage this month, the month of change. September has been exciting and exhausting all in one. In my new Heart-Based Support Group with Jean Adrienne we have been discussing Sabotage. In a channeled message I did the question was asked ‘What if you knew that your spiritual growth was a given’? What if you knew that no matter what you did it would all turn out ‘perfectly’ and all the things that happen and all the things that you feel you have done wrong were all ‘perfect’ and in alignment with your higher purpose? Continue reading

What Choices do you make at your Trigger Point?

Image courtesy of raur razvan ionut at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of raur razvan ionut at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

This month I want to write about something that has been occurring in my life on a regular basis. People are getting stuck in their lives and falling back on their ‘known’ story and so often such stories are full of drama because of the origin of those stories. This problem is occurring with people who are becoming conscious and honestly sincere in their evolution towards love. I believe that there is a mirror here for me and I’m exploring this as it isn’t just one client and I’m feeling stuck with my clients who are stuck! Oh MY! Continue reading

The Stories of ME!


Image courtesy of koratmember at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Since June I’ve been considering discussing this huge issue: the ‘stories we weave’ and how they impact everything in our lives. I have had the great honor of interviewing a new author Christopher Papadopoulos on his book Peace and Where to Find It, twice now (in June and this month, July). He discusses how our ‘thinking mind’ is involved in every moment we are awake. To achieve true Peace we must get out of our minds and into our hearts (sound familiar J). The key to doing this is in his new book. I chose 2 interviews as I wanted to discuss the concepts and then I wanted to discuss the practices. Continue reading

Arrogance and Forgiveness

ID-10016441When I was writing the “forgiveness” article,  an area that kept coming up for me – because it was brought up in the Support Group call – became a significant piece in the ‘forgiveness’ process. This is related to our arrogance around ‘forgiveness’. When we have a belief that ‘forgiveness’ is necessary for a situation or a person it is because we have a judgment of a right and a wrong occurring with this situation or person. This is a huge issue for many of us – myself included – because we have judged something as right or wrong and this judgment is just our perception. Let me explain how I became aware of a lingering issue related to arrogance and ‘forgiveness’ from a recent experience. Continue reading

Do You Forgive?


This month has been a powerful one for me. It began with an interview with Eric Altman and continued with our support group calls and another interview with Jean Adrienne. The topic was around ‘forgiveness’! I know that for most people ‘forgiveness’ is just a mental exercise, similar to prayers and affirmations. We just go through the exercise of saying I forgive you, I forgive myself … or do the Ho’oponopono (I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank you). Many people realize that mentally, as in just saying the words, isn’t enough and so they try to bring it into their hearts. This is where true ‘forgiveness’ lies. However, there is one more layer of ‘forgiveness’ – beyond the mind and beyond the heart – and that is bringing ‘forgiveness’ into our guts. This is how we can truly ‘forgive’ someone. Continue reading

What are your Perceptions?

ID-10028347This month, I have been reviewing my perceptions and the perceptions of those around me. By perceptions I mean our thoughts about what others or ourselves are believing about what is happening in the world around us. I have noticed that I have been slipping into perceiving incorrectly and I have been bringing it up for discussion. I discussed this first with Jean Adrienne and later Eric Altman and I delved into it. Continue reading

What’s Your Motivation?

brown_rabbitThis past month I did a great interview with Eric Altman on motivation (https://www.intuitivesoul.com/news-for-the-heart-talks-with-eric-altman-on-motivation). To me this is an important piece to look at if we want to understand why we sabotage our own happiness. As you know, my personal journey has been focused on my health for the past couple of years, with the oncoming of Frozen Shoulders, heavy metal poisoning, and the realization that my body became pretty toxic as a result. In some ways it’s been a cosmetic reason, to lose weight but it has also been about having my shoulders functioning again. For too long now I have sabotaged my journey towards health by not doing what I know I need, and this process has dragged on, and in many ways has exasperated my pain. Continue reading

Ready to Spring Forward?

new_jersey_springAs I contemplate Spring and New Beginnings we are experiencing a record cold February here in the North East. Up until this month, our winter was bearable, but Groundhog Day came with over a foot of snow and frigid artic weather. It’s getting harder to believe that spring is coming even with our equinox fast approaching. Like many of you, I have had enough of this weather and am ready for the feel of spring to return! Continue reading

The Dream of Love

skyheartAs we move into the month of February, it always brings up love. Or maybe it is just one of my favorite topics. We want it, want it to be better or are getting it elsewhere (this can mean a casual relationship outside your relationship, or settling for something else because you have stopped expecting you will ever find it!). Love is a complicated thing. Our media hypes it to be all about the beginning, the chase and the capture. Yet, rarely does it show the difficulties within a relationship. I’m going to have author Jessica Shepherd talk about two of her most recent books, Venus Signs and Karmic Mates, where we’ll get to the Heart of what Matters with regards to Love and Astrology. She has an interesting concept of planets in the 5th house showing our Karmic relationships. I will interview her live on Tuesday February 3rd and produced on Monday February 9th. Continue reading

What are your New Year’s Intentions?

happyny2015As we prepare to welcome a New Year we always review the old. 2014 has not always been an easy year, especially April, eclipses, Grand Square and Uranus square Pluto… Yikes, I hope that never occurs again! And typically as we prepare for a New Year, we come up with a series of New Year’s Resolutions, which are quickly broken and we end up feeling shame and guilt. I am not a big “goal” person, because mostly our goals are outside of us, number one resolution this year, is to spend more time with the family, numbers 2 and 3 have to do with fitness and weight loss, then quit smoking, drinking, get out of debt… although, number 5 is Enjoy life more!? Why save the best for last?! Continue reading

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays_4

As the end of the year approaches, we begin to take stock of our lives and prepare for the begining of a New Year 2015. The Holidays are a wonderful time to explore good will, share
memories, make new ones, express peace, forgiveness, tolerance and Gratitude. Gifts aren’t about accumulating things, rather the Expression of Unconditional Love and Joy! Let’s be generous and share in the Magical energy that exists during this enchanting time with everyone including ourselves!

I want to wish you and your family a Joy-filled Holiday Season!
With Love and an Open Heart,

Will you be in the Magic of the Moment this Holiday Season?

Weihnachtsmann mit Rentierschlitten und SternschnuppeWhen we are truly in the Magic of the Moment, we are giving from the heart with no expectations. We feel washed over with joy in just being. At the same time, we remain authentic to ourselves and do not compromise who we are. Hopefully you can close your eyes and recall exactly how this feels in your heart and your body. Remember that feeling and make a promise to yourself to create Moments of Magic this holiday season!

How do you help yourself keep such a promise? Give Love! Not only to others but to yourself too! Continue reading

Can you tell the difference between fear and your gut intuition?

With Halloween just finished, I have been contemplating fear and intuition. We know that science has proven the existence of a neural network or brain associated with our gut. Gut intuition is about perseverance. Our gut will warn us when it needs to protect us. Our heart brain is all about love and compassion and our head brain can be quite creative. So our intuition here is often clear, because it has to do with love and acceptance or showing us some creative solutions to problems. However, when you get that feeling in your gut, how do you tell the difference between fear and intuition? Continue reading

What keeps you up at night?

halloweenThis month I went to Trudy Van Buskirk’s network meeting Women Entrepreneurs Building Businesses  in the Beach to meet up with author Suzan St Maur. It was a workshop on writing blogs. My favorite piece of advice was “what keeps your clients awake at night”. This is what I have pondered for the past few weeks.
For me it isn’t what keeps me up at night, but what wakes me up and keeps me up in the early hours of the morning. Continue reading