Fear and Health

As we move towards our Canadian Thanksgiving I contemplate all that I am thankful for: a sustaining and incredibly fulfilling career that I love; a home that is nurturing and holds many wonderful memories; great friends and family; and my beautiful and crazy Angel – my fur baby. I feel overwhelmingly Blessed!! The one area that still eludes me though is my health and well-being.

I have made such great strides over the last few years, especially this past year. Thanks – partially to my Carrot App (which is now discontinued thanks mostly to our Ontario elected Premier) that rewarded me with points towards movies and entertainment – I walked over 100 straight days of walking heading into this New Year. And then I continued my walking again in February – after I ended my streak on my trip to Europe – and have been going straight through – now at 230 days beginning in October. That is over 7.5 months and I’m still increasing my daily steps and feeling much more at ease and have much more energy. The beginning of the year I received a statement that I am walking more than 80% of Canadians? Which honestly shocked me since I definitely still feel like I need to do more to feel better. However I am grateful that my health is improving with each step. Continue reading

Ego: Bad or Misunderstood?

As I am considering writing a book on fear and after my latest Blog which tried to define Fear – I feel the need to clarify fear and its relationship to Ego especially since many ‘spiritual’ teachers out there believe we need to get rid of our Ego because it is what holds us back from Becoming Enlightened. I work with a different opinion – at least under our current evolution – we are NOT in a place where we can just get rid of our Ego. We have a lot of growing up to do and we have too much fear as a society that our Ego is the only way for most of us to Grow at all.

So let’s approach this from a logical perspective. As a whole we are still living in a third dimensional world which breaks down through a process we call ‘entropy’ and becomes less … orderly. And what causes the break down in this three dimensional world? Fear. Fear is the opposite of Love and it is Love and its related kindness, compassion, acceptance that builds our world. And in this world that we live in we each have an Ego – an Ego that mostly runs our lives. Our Ego also is what pushes us to Grow Up because it is our Ego that is triggered when we focus on ‘us’ instead of ‘we’ or ‘you’. And when we sense ‘fear’ in our lives we focus on ourselves – and if we forget Love – we then experience pain and suffering. So in the midst of this pain there is a positive side effect related to the Ego and the value of having the Ego in place: If we didn’t experience the pain and suffering that our Ego alerts us to we might never have the desire to grow towards love. Continue reading

In Fear We Trust

After my retreat with Tom Campbell this past January I wrote that I was inspired to write a book and this is the beginning of that book. The working title, In Fear We Trust, came to me because even though we like to deny it our fears are what we put our trust in. When we discuss fears we like to pretend we are discussing phobias and that most of us don’t believe we have major phobias and therefore we don’t believe we have fears. However, as we are a part of this time and place I am going to suggest that we all have fears and these fears rule our lives. Follow me in this. If we didn’t have fears our Soul or Individuated Consciousness would never know to Evolve or Grow Up. Our Core fears like abandonment, unworthiness, unlovableness, failure, loss and the unknown push us to Evolve. Continue reading

Shame on… Me?

I’ve been contemplating many things over the past few years – when my health began to take a turn with chronic pain when I had two Frozen Shoulders several years ago. I began to take notice of my emotions and fears. Dealing with chronic pain was new to me and I wasn’t sure how to deal with it. My body wasn’t happy and I have taken years to get it to a place where I feel I may finally be getting better, more aligned and balanced. This journey has taken many twists and turns – frozen shoulders were just the beginning and it was a reminder that I need to be more conscious of what is happening to my body.

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Past Lives

Recently I have been thinking a lot about past lives: why are they fleeting memories; why we chose to forget them; is there anything significant to learn by them; or are they just a distraction? The question is: I wonder if our past lives assist us to Grow Up towards Love or distract us from living this life because they trigger our fears or possibly overwhelm us? Some people believe that once we have evolved our consciousness to a certain point – our past lives will aid our growth towards Love. I’m doing an interview with Tom Campbell at the end of this month about Virtual Realities and Past Lives as an ongoing series of VR from Tom’s perspective. And therefore this brings me to contemplating people, places and situations that we encounter and these in turn trigger feelings encouraged by past lives.

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This has been an interesting month – many people are finding 2019 challenging so far. I have been excited and looking forward to spring and as I write this today we are just entering spring equinox. When considering the Canadian seasons winter, although often beautiful, is just too dark and cold most of the time. Once we reach equinox and have almost equal light to darkness (we get a few minutes more light at that time of the year) it is very welcomed – especially if it is sunny. What does any of this have to do with motivation? Well, we become motivated by many different things – for some of us it is shaking off the cold, short days of winter with the higher temperatures and enjoying the sunshine to motivate us to do spring cleaning – and of course stepping outside for more activities and focusing on a healthier lifestyle. Continue reading

Growing Up Through our Fears

As most of you know I went to an Immersive with Tom Campbell last month and then spent my birthday in Paris. I knew this event would change my life and it has. I didn’t know what to expect – even after interviewing Tom for the past decade and sharing his practical knowledge on how to Grow-up and Surrender our fears – so I was seemingly not prepared for 5 days in a castle under his tutelage. Tom is unsuspecting and truly walks his talk. His unconditional compassion and love allowed us all to feel safe while exploring what he calls the Larger Consciousness System. Those of us without a physics background who see things from a spiritual perspective would probably refer to this as connecting in with the Akashic records or our Sacred Space with our Higher Self for guidance. We spent hours meditating each day and we could do it in the luxury of our rooms – since Donna and Keith (his incredible event coordinators) rented out an entire castle – we didn’t have to worry about having to explain ourselves. We also had exercises instead of chanting the “Om” mantra for an hour each time. We used binaural beats to help us focus on our exercises – that ranged from communication, to past lives and future probabilities, to healing and remote viewing. Continue reading

Consciousness of Relationships

This is Love Month and we will look at our relationships and how we continue to justify our fears by looking at the ‘other’ instead of understanding that we are responsible for everything that happens in our lives. We continue to worry, get angry, and justify our reactions because of someone else. It isn’t easy to authentically see that our ‘unhappiness’ is not because of someone else but because we have a fear that makes us feel insecure, unheard, insignificant or abandoned. It appears clear to us that these people or things that happen are why we are unhappy and we don’t remember that every event is really an opportunity for our own growth. Every time we have a negative response (or even a positive response) we are adding to our story of our lives. We are creating the definition that we have actualized as our identity. We want to blame our unhappiness on someone or something or believe we will only be happy when we can ensure that everyone else is doing what we need them to do. So we justify feeling unhappy because someone or thing has made us unhappy.

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2019 Year of Claiming

Can you believe that it is almost 2019? The year of Mastery 2018 was challenging with all the personal retrograde planets that impacted us throughout the year. 2019 will only have 3 Mercury Retrogrades and both Mars and Venus will be direct all year. Mastery was all about understanding and growing who we are. This New Year has been termed Year of Claiming by Lori Wilson and while she channeled her New Year Forecast by Grandmother.

2019 Year of Claiming

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Finding Peace

As I sit writing this we are coming up to the Beginning of the Holiday Season – it was right before the American Thanksgiving which leads to our Christmas Season. Every culture has Holidays during the end of the Year where we can feel Blessed and Grateful. The Spirit of Giving to others is part of the Magic that surrounds us each year at this time. We have movies that make us cry and laugh and fill us with Hope. We visit our families, friends and loved ones – some of these visits are challenging while others are exactly what our Soul needs. When I get into the Holiday Spirit each year I connect with this Magical Essence that reminds me why I work so hard to Grow Up and Find my Peace. Emmanuel Dagher during our last Club Miracles session discussed Good Fortune and how we just need to feel worthy of our Blessings and to be in the Flow of Life to experience Good Fortune. However, what I resonated with the most and of course what has been ‘showing up’ is that during this time one of our challenges with BEing in the Flow (BEing in the Present moment) is our ability to Love and Accept ourselves for who we are; to find Peace in where we are at the moment. Continue reading

BEing is a Choice

“’Doing’ is a means to an end but ‘Being’ is a choice.” This quote came to me as I was preparing for a meditation this month. I thought it was important because it embodies what I have been teaching for years now. Things happen and we react to what is happening by ‘doing’ something to change it if we don’t like what is happening. Even when our heart is in the right place we are still manipulating what is happening in our lives or the lives of others. We may try to fix, change, heal – but we are ‘doing’ something to manipulate what is happening. Doing is just a way to change our outside world. We may do things from fear or from a place of love – however it is still ‘doing’ something on the outside in hopes to change how we feel about what is happening on the inside. The outside world is dictating to us how to respond to a given situation. And this is backwards! Continue reading

Failure and Responsibility

This month’s inspiration came again from Emmanuel Dagher and my beginning work with Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song. I think about many concepts in my mind as I grow on this journey. Last month I touched on Failure in Feelings vs Emotions. Since then the Fear of Failure has become a theme in my work. This is always a sign about the importance of something entering my life. And I pride myself on being a Leader by Example. When I go through something I know I can assist others. So the Fear of Failure is one of our deep core fears that can be responsible for blocking us from Thriving in this life. Plus: Responsibility is something I have examined many times – as I knew that this term “responsibility” carried a heavy weight. Emmanuel in our last Healing Session from Club Miracles shared that Lack of Prosperity often is because we feel too much “responsibility” in our lives and this ‘heaviness’ is closely related to our Fear of Failure.

Fear of Failure is one of our deep core fears that can be responsible for blocking us from Thriving in this life. Continue reading

Emotions and Core Fears

Like everyone I am always trying to better myself or ‘Grow Up’ as Tom Campbell would say. And one of the things I do is partake in Emmanuel Dagher’s Club Miracles where we have a live healing meditation each month. This past month the healing meditation was on core fears which Emmanuel believes are Fear of being alone, Fear of Failure, Fear of losing something (death), and Fear of the Unknown. He also looked at how our emotions are just our mind/ego’s way of distracting us from our deeper core fears that our unconscious believes are too painful. Continue reading

What Affects Your Business?

You may not even be aware of it but your professional energy may be burdened by past business/employment relationships with colleagues, co-workers, bosses, and family where you may harbor old grudges and unresolved issues. Attachments to other people, material things, or the distraction of “social media” in your life can deplete your professional energy. An accumulation of negative energies from your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual field around you and your office environment can become psychically toxic repositories of useless and disruptive energy connections.

A Business Clearing can remove undesirable energy connections between you and other people such as co-workers, employers, and colleagues as well as clear up the energy around your business space that can often become stagnant or even filled with the old paradigm energies of fear, greed, anger and frustrations. Continue reading

Love IS…

Most of our definitions of romantic love are constructs of love dictated to us through the use of media and our experiences from our childhood that defined love. Both of these ‘ideals’ are inaccurate and often have nothing to do with love at all, but are rather a reflection of our needs and wants in a relationship. Which is to say; that ‘love’ is what we feel we need reflected back to us through our significant ‘other’ or from any intimate relationship. We are actually ‘in love’ with an ideal of what we believe we can receive from another.

We tend to search for ‘love’ to be reflected back to us in all the wrong places hoping for our ‘ideal’ and then settling for not being alone. But what are we actually searching for? Continue reading

The Filters of Fear or Love

Last month we discussed “expectations and attachments” and how they impact our enjoyment of life through keeping us stuck in how we respond to situations and people. Through this I shared that we all have filters on how we view the world. We often find it difficult to comprehend how a certain filter, such as the feelings of abandonment, insignificance, not being enough, being unlovable or being unappreciated can impact how an event is perceived in our lives. And the reality is that we all have these filters of fear! Our filters impact how we interpret and view the world. Our filters block us from experiencing the Truth and BEing Open to Love where we would have no filters. Continue reading

Expectations and Attachments

We have all heard that we have Infinite Possibilities available to us as long as we can let go of expectations and are unattached to the outcome. Have you ever created a perfect moment? Have you ever connected to your Bliss where the Universe can’t help but reward you with feeling Love and Joy?

We sometimes connect to the Flow of the Universe and feel Love and Accepted but what about those times when we are really attached to an outcome like when a bill comes that we weren’t expecting and we can’t pay it? What about those times when we have expectations on how a day will unfold because of how days like this have unfolded in the past? Like on Thanksgiving with our family – those who have good experiences with their family expect a fun day – those who expect lots of petty fights and arguments to break out often have our fears reinforced and what’s worse is we feel we are not enough. And lastly, what about those times when we are absolutely confident that we were treated poorly, were a victim or hurt by someone we love because of how we interpreted their actions or words? Continue reading

Feelings vs Emotions

This month my inspiration came from Emmanuel Dagher’s Club Miracles healing call – where he discussed the difference between Emotions and Feelings. I found it fascinating: he sees our emotions as something we have judged as either good or bad – where our feelings are from a state of BEing and are not identified or judged as either good or bad, they just are. Emmanuel’s definition goes against the traditional definitions of emotions and feelings. Which made me wonder about whether we tend to judge most of our emotions through our past experiences and if there is a way to come from a place of BEing when it comes to our feelings?   Continue reading

Heart-Conscious Intentions

I read something this past week that peaked my interest and had me considering once again what we truly want and whether what we want is beneficial for us or if what we want is what we think we ‘should’ be doing. And what if how things worked in the past is no longer how anything works now? For example: what if the teachings of the Law of Attraction could work a lot better if some of the rules were tweaked?

I have been talking for years about how we need to focus on BEing instead of doing and that it isn’t the outcome of our doing that we necessarily consider as our goal but rather our ‘BEingness’ – but this week I came across a teaching that really hit it home as it encouraged me to contemplate what motivates us. When we focus on the outcome we are always searching for the results we intend. We are disappointed when we don’t get the results and this disappointment could completely spiral us out of the direction the Universe has been guiding us toward! Continue reading

Contemplating Love

As I contemplate my birthday today (written on birthday) I wonder about Love Month this year. Each year since I began this blog I have chosen February as Love Month and write something that I hope will inspire you to Love Unconditionally … or choose Love over fear. This has been quite the last couple of years for me with loss and my first birthday without my mother. I know this puts me in a contemplative mood and helps me to wonder about new possibilities. We all aspire to Dream Big on our Birthdays and focus on all the Magic that may transform over the coming year. I know that Love is important to me but it isn’t just the love of another I seek but to also Love Unconditionally and create Acceptance in my Life. Continue reading